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Clara Roberts-Oss | Vinyasa Yoga Teacher


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    Hi, I’m Clara. 

    I’m a practitioner, student and teacher of Yoga. 

    I came to this practice over twenty years ago in New York City, where I  began at a studio named Jivamukti Yoga in the East Village. My passion quickly evolved from student to teacher and I have been teaching classes, workshops, retreats, and my 200-hour and 300-hour yoga teacher training. I feel very fortunate to have spent the past eighteen years teaching and training yogis from all parts of the world.

    Community is my dharma, my life purpose. I love to co create sacred spaces for us to dive deeper into ourselves with the help of each other. 


    I designed the Practice With Clara apps as a virtual space to explore movement and mindfulness practices. There are a variety of styles to choose from including: vinyasa, Hatha, slow flow, restorative/yin, mantra, meditation, and prenatal courses on the site.

    When I became pregnant in 2019, I could not find a prenatal series that resonated with me. So I created a Prenatal Series that felt good in my body. The series is meant to guide pregnant yogis through trimesters 1-4.  These teachings are an offering of all that I’ve learned during that time.

    If you’re looking to ignite your practice, you can join me for a LIVE yoga class or a 30-day yoga challenge.

    These events provide a way to connect with a global community of practitioners in the Practice with Clara Community Facebook Group

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    Much love,

    Untangled Yoga Series | December 1-30th
    Dec 17th, Friday Night Assembly – Lakshmi