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10 Tactile Ways to Nourish Yourself

Revitalizing the body may be as simple as a few deep breaths in the outdoors. It could be indulging in a sumptuous beverage with friends or reading a book of poetry. It may be dancing to a favourite song or hitting snooze to muse under warm bedsheets. The scents, sounds, and textures we consciously bring into our environment help shape the space and contribute to how we feel. 

To nourish yourself is to provide the substances necessary for growth, optimal health, and longevity. Nourishment is impressionistic. How we seek comfort depends on our current mood, emotions, feelings, and thoughts. The ways we nurture ourselves may follow a different pattern each time; it may not be linear, rational, or established in fact. The ways we take care of ourselves may vary depending on a range of factors, which is why it’s helpful to have a vast resource of methods and practices to choose from when seeking comfort. 

Harvard Health published an article on the ‘4 ways to nourish body and soul‘, which shared the importance of self-care and simple practices to revive and restore wellbeing. The report lists four essential ways to nourish yourself with physical activity, eating good food, sleep, and mindfulness practices as the means to restore. 

We compiled a list of simple ways to hit reset with insight from past podcast guests who shared their wisdom on the unique and varied ways to nourish the body, mind, and soul depending on the needs, energy level, and available time of the individual.

10 Tactile Ways to Nourish Yourself 

  1. Prepare a nutritious meal.
  2. Move your body. 
  3. Teach someone how to do a skill you’ve refined. 
  4. Express yourself through sound. 
  5. Read a book of fiction, philosophy, or prose.
  6. Host a tea ceremony. 
  7. Relate to the Earth through nature. 
  8. Embrace subtle body practices. 
  9. Develop a practice of self-inquiry. 
  10. Connect with the community.

Prepare a nutritious meal.

Holistic nutritionist, Susanne Mueller, shared the importance of cultivating rituals around food and healing through the wisdom of the body.

Move your body. 

Harvard Health shared research on how simply moving benefits your mental health with activities like cycling, yoga, meditation, Qi Gong, and Tia Chi.  

Pass on a skill you’ve learned. 

Master Reiki Teacher, Alexis Anderson, provided the benefits of teaching others and passing on what you’ve learned.

Express yourself through sound. 

Fellow Yoga Teacher and Bhakta Janet Stone expressed how mantra helps connect us and ease anxiety

Read a book of fiction, philosophy, or prose.

In an article from the New Yorker, the author posits whether reading can make a person happier and shares the history of bibliotherapy as dating back to the Ancient Greeks, “who inscribed above the entrance to a library in Thebes that this was a ‘healing place for the soul.’” For tips on what to read, take a tour of our virtual library

Host a tea ceremony. 

Kundalini Teacher, Sara Jade, described the tea ceremony’s simplicity and Zen-like meditative quality and how it became a great teacher. 

Relate to the Earth through nature. 

UC Berkeley published an article on How Nature Can Make You Kinder, Happier, and More Creative. The simple act of looking out a window to appreciate the natural landscape is shown to calm the mind and ease stress. Join us for a Spring Equinox Daylong Retreat for yoga classes, writing prompts, and a photo walk to explore the natural world. 

Embrace subtle body practices. 

Acupuncturist and founder of the AdiShakti Method, Irene Sanchez, captured the relevance of exploring subtle body practices including chanting, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, acupuncture, and meditation. 

Develop a practice of self-inquiry. 

Meditation and Spa Yoga Instructor, Carolyn Anne Budgell, shared mindfulness practices and self-inquiry benefits. 

Connect with the community. 

Founder of Girlvana Yoga, Ally Mazerolle, voiced her passion for creating and contributing to the community and how it helped her learn and grow as an individual. 


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