Om Tat Sat are three mantras that are found in Bhagavad Gita of Sanskrit origin. Om is Brahm’s mantra, Tat is Parbrahm’s mantra and Sat is the mantra of Prambrahm. If translated in English, this would read ‘Three Mantras of Complete Salvation’. One does not merely have to recite them but also understand their meaning and try to manifest it in their lives. Om is the priest or God and every mantra starts with his name.

Understanding Tat Sat

Tat refers to the ideology that God owns everything. When a person does anything, they have to do it selflessly without wishing for any fruit in return. Since everything is God’s, man must keep this in mind when looking for liberation. Sat means that all actions must be done truthfully. Sat also refers to the satisfaction of the One Supreme Being. When every duty is performed with complete honesty, it leads to satisfaction of that one deity that is above all.

What can I let go of?

In these verses, a question is posed about letting go of things and freeing yourself. A man wonders what he can possibly let go of to feel lighter. In life, one has to stop clinging to things that make one feel caged or imprisoned. By letting some things go, one can feel lighter. Life becomes brighter and more spacious once those things are gone. And who knows, this change might even make the heart sign out of liberation and joy.

What can I let go of?

What will make my load lighter?

What am I clinging to?
May I set it free.

What do I want to welcome into my life?

What will create more space and lightness?

What will make my heart sing?
May I recognize it as it flows towards me.
Hari Om Tat Sat

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