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with Clara Roberts-Oss, Yoga Instructor

30-Day Virtual Yoga Challenges


· A DAILY email with bonus assets
· 2 yoga classes to choose from each day
· Curated Spotify playlists
· Weekly LIVE Yoga classes
· Calendar to track your progress
· Journaling questions
· Booklist based on the theme
· Gifts from challenge partners

30 Life-Enriching Reasons to Join a Virtual Yoga Challenge

The commitment to daily practice represents your promise to create healthy habits as you get stronger in mind, body, and spirit. 

If you’re not entirely convinced as to why a virtual yoga challenge is for you, here are 30 life-enriching reasons to dedicate yourself to a month of practice.

1. Create a ritual to anchor the day. 

A ritual brings your awareness to the present moment; it’s a way to transform the mundane into something sacred. Rituals don’t have to be fancy. It could be as simple as taking five deep breaths, lighting some incense or a candle, or pausing between each bite of food. The power of ritual is in the presence you bring to the moment—no matter how great or small the action.

2. Initiate a productive habit to enrich your lifestyle.

Setting aside a few minutes for conscious breathing has the power to shift our overall mental, physical, and emotional health. By committing to 30-days of practice, be it meditation or a movement, can transform and enrich your lifestyle by elevating your awareness of your body and mind.

3. Build strength and enhance flexibility.

A month of yoga asana builds strength and enhances flexibility through postures. Each vinyasa class offers plenty of modifications for participants to add intensity to create more heat. The offering is to observe how you feel and how your body responds to the poses. 

4. Cultivate discipline.

Discipline means you can commit to something and follow it through, which is essential in setting goals. When we commit to our goals and follow through with our intentions, this builds positive self-esteem and inner strength. A strong sense of discipline will help you persevere through challenges. 

5. Discover the power of suppressed emotions.

Emotions live in the body. We revitalize the parts of the body that hold stored emotions through movement. The release of tissues, muscles, and organs may surface emotions such as sadness and fear. Yoga may offer a moment of freedom to clear stuck energy and emotions.

6. Witness the results of your effort.

The calendar and journaling prompts are resources provided in the challenge for you to track your results, specifically how you feel and perceive your practice as we move through the month.

7. Refine and harness your focus.

A skill is a practice that’s been refined over time. This challenge focuses on one thing; making it to your mat. The goal is to do the daily class or take 5-minutes to be conscious of your breath. 

8. Nourish the senses. 

Dance in your body. Breathe deep. Take in the elements around you. Revel in the sight, sound, taste, and smell of your environment. 

9. Explore peak yoga poses.

Vinyasa classes that build to a peak pose mean you’ll get to test your tapas with crow pose, handstand, wheel pose, and other yoga postures to learn about the body and the demands of each pose. 

10. Connect to a community of like-minded practitioners.

Share how you feel and what practices you prefer with a community of yogis worldwide. The challenge supports conversation in the app in the comments and in our private community Facebook Group where practitioners can share feedback, photos, and emoji’s on each day of the challenge. 

11. Hold each other accountable. 

A big part of the challenge is the community support in holding each other accountable as we commit to 30-days of yoga. Posting in the community Facebook Group or sharing your comments in the app holds you accountable to your shared goal. 

12. Embody yoga philosophy.

Through yoga classes that weave in the yoga sutras’ wisdom embody the philosophy that formed the Asana’s primary practice.

13. Release negative emotions.

Sometimes clearing lethargy and anxiety needs to be expressed through the body; flow through classes to burn off excess energy, and take restorative yin classes to ground and connect to inner calm. The challenge provides the space to honour how you feel and hit reset on whatever you’re feeling that day. 

14. Embrace new challenges.

Especially if you’re new to yoga, a 30-day yoga challenge is a perfect opportunity to push yourself out of your comfort zone in the comfort of your home. Embracing a new pose or style of breathing may show you how capable you are in developing strength and perseverance. 

15. Develop faith in your capability.

It takes courage to try something new. When you accept the challenge and commit to the 30-days, you may feel how your mind and body adapt and receive physical and mental demands. Practitioners of past challenges have said that witnessing their practice’s evolution helped them develop faith in their capabilities. 

16. Trust in your process.

No two people enter and exit a pose the same way. This act is no different from how we live our day-to-day lives. Hopefully, as you move through the 30-days, you begin to trust in your process and celebrate how unique your practice looks and feels each day. 

17. Make space for play.

Idle time is significant to make space for play and daydream. Let yoga become your playground. 

18. Show up for the collective. 

There will be a day (or more) during the challenge you don’t want to practice. Showing up for the community may encourage you to push through mental and physical roadblocks.   

19. Practice the art of devotion.  

When we devote ourselves to someone or something that is not us, it sparks a sense of compassion and curiosity we may lack when considering ourselves. Devote yourself entirely to your commitment to show up, be present, and contribute to the collective to develop Bhakti, the practice of devotion. 

20. Explore all the ways yoga exists off your mat. 

As you develop your practice on the mat, you’ll start to see how yoga benefits your lifestyle off the mat. When we take care of ourselves, we’re better able to tend to others. If you come with us for the challenge, write down how your overall mood and reception of those around you shift throughout the month.

21. Step out of the mind and into the body.

We tend to live in the busyness of the mind, the constant chatter, and ongoing thoughts. The practice is one place you might release your mind, put it all down, and surrender completely to the body and the ride of the subconscious. 

22. Engage in creative sequences.

The challenge is designed to stress specific muscles on set days so your body has time to restore and release. Each day offers a different class style, such as vinyasa, restorative, Hatha, mantra, and meditation. Varied and creative sequencing means you’ll never be bored or want to check out. 

23. Advance your understanding of yoga asana.

The repetition of yoga poses throughout the challenge is ideal for beginners. Attending to a new skill every day will accelerate your learning and understanding of each pose physically and mentally. 

24. Discuss each class with a group of yogis.

To enhance your learning development, practitioners of the challenge have the option to engage with fellow yogis in the challenge and with Clara in the community Facebook Group. Dissection of poses, questions and feedback are all welcome and encouraged. 

25. Appreciate your ability to sustain.

Once you stick it out and commit to one thing entirely, it becomes easier to commit yourself fully to your next goal. Sustainability is a skill that you’ll develop during the 30-day challenge. 

26. Let go of what no longer serves.

Surrendering to breath and body is a crucial ingredient in yoga, and it doesn’t always come easily. Letting go takes practice, but the more you can release what doesn’t serve on your yoga mat (for example, negativity or ideas that are not your own), the more you’ll be able to take this practice of surrender off your mat and into the world. 

27. Join a collective where wellness is prioritized.

Talking about health with people who are conscious of feeding their bodies and minds nourishing things will encourage you to do the same. 

28. Release destructive habits.

As you feel the positive results of the practice in mind and body, spending time on destructive habits may be less enticing. Once you start the shift to a more positive and productive lifestyle, you’ll be able to see with more clarity all the ways certain habits may be holding you back. 

29. Welcome the many, multifaceted layers of yourself.  

Yoga reminds us that we are in constant flux. Nothing stays the same, and we receive the practice based on how we are doing on that particular day. Through yoga, we witness our potential for beauty and despair. Yoga teaches us that we can welcome all the aspects of ourselves, especially when we show up feeling anxious, angry, tired, fidgety, and dull. 

30. Celebrate your heart

Yoga reminds us of how to be with ourselves. Through movement, philosophy, and attunement to breath, the practice of yoga may teach us how to come back to our hearts and receive all the things that light us up! It’s a space we come back to and remember our inner quiet and how to attune to our body.

Check out our past 30-Day Yoga Challenges
on Practice with Clara Virtual Yoga Studio:

Ignite 30-Day Yoga Challenge

Featured in Ignite 30-Day Yoga Challenge:

  • LIVE kick-off yoga class.
  • 30-60 minute vinyasa classes.
  • Weekly LIVE yoga class. 
  • Exploration of peak poses. 
  • Varied styles and lengths of classes, so you don’t burn out!
  • LIVE raffle with gifts from challenge partners.
About Ignite:
In the third 30-day yoga challenge, Ignite the Fire Within, the focus was to build strength in body and mind with classes that featured core strengtheningarm balancing, and inversions
In addition to the pre-recorded classes, this challenge offered weekly *Live* classes. The sequences for these classes were for intermediate/advanced yogis with plenty of modifications for those new to the practice and built toward a peak pose in the flow. 
Based on community feedback, we provided customized assets for this challenge to help participants feel
· motivated 
· inspired 
· accountable 
all month long with a calendar to mark off each day of the challenge and a journaling booklet with the daily questions.
The theme for this challenge was to motivate each other in creating productive habits that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. 

We’ve partnered with some amazing brands for each event who donate gifts to be raffled off at the end of the 30-day yoga challenge. 


Energize 30-Day Yoga Challenge

Featured in Energize 30-Day Yoga Challenge:

  • 10-60 minute vinyasa classes.
  • Weekly LIVE yoga class. 
  • Short, dynamic classes to get you moving and out the door. 
  • Varied styles and lengths of classes, so you don’t burn out!
  • LIVE raffle with gifts from challenge partners.
About Energize:
For this 30-Day Challenge, we took participants Into the Stars for a celestial experience that embodied movement, mindfulness, and astrology! 
Energize 30-Day Yoga Challenge asked participants to consider their relationship to the cosmos and universe at large, the earth and natural environment, community, and relationships with others, and ended with self-reflection and inquiry.

The idea for the challenge was to look at all the ways we interact with the world and within ourselves to see how we might engage with more compassion and loving-kindness.

The theme for this challenge was Seva, which translates from Sanskrit as Selfless Service. 

Seva is an essential part of any devotional practice, be it yoga or other forms of spirituality that you embrace. It empowers the individual to experience collective benefits and gains. We are far more powerful when we come together; no experience is unique as we share similar feelings, thoughts, and events throughout our lives. 

Seva is performing selfless service for others and the environment without attachment to the outcome or personal profits or gains. The Bhagavad Gita, the much-loved mythical tale of Arjuna on the battlefield, shares the wisdom of performing actions for the sake of action and not the results.

Krishna says to Arjuna, “You have a right to your actions, but never to your actions’ fruits. Act for the action’s sake. And do not be attached to inaction.” 

We asked our community to examine their relationship to selfless service and provided the community with 50 Acts of Seva to inspire a daily ritual. 

Participants were treated to two LIVE yoga sessions each week!
▴ 60-minute vinyasa yoga class on Saturdays at 9 AM PST.
▴ 30-minute slower-paced class on Wednesdays at 12 PM PST. 

The slower-paced classes varied each week to feature Slow Flow, Hatha, Yin, and Restorative styles.

Shadow School 30-Day Yoga Challenge

Featured in Shadow School 30-Day Yoga Challenge:

  • 20-40 minute Lila Flow classes.
  • Weekly LIVE yoga class. 
  • Optional music by Pete Wonder
  • Varied styles and lengths of classes, so you don’t burn out!
  • LIVE raffle with gifts from challenge partners.
About Shadow School:

Shadow School is your summons to acknowledge your wild side, surface intense emotions, and expunge the parts of yourself you no longer need. You are ready to face the core beliefs, motivations, desires, and aspirations that bring darkness and lightness into your life.

We must eat our own shadowhaul it up from out of the pit and develop a conscious connection with it. Doing so not only prevents our unacknowledged darkness from haunting our thoughts and distorting our relationships; it also liberates tremendous psychic energy.  — Excerpt from Rob Brezsny’s Shadow School.

Shadow School Yoga Challenge asks that you be open to receiving all parts of yourself; the sticky, uncomfortable, and undesirable.

You are ready to sit in all of it.

You will be supported by a community AND prompted to reflect with meditation, journaling questions, and classes themed on the emotions we’d rather ignore.

Fear, Grief, Anger, Shame, Guilt, Duplicity, Illusion, Attachment; you will tenderly examine and express each emotion in a Lila Flow Yoga class featuring original music by Pete Wonder. 

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate.” — Carl Jung.

What you receive in the Shadow School Email:

  • Choose to practice with music or without music during your daily Lila Flow Yoga class. Both LINK options are provided in the Shadow School Email Series.
  • Complimentary mediation, restorative/yin, Yoga Nidra, mantra, and pranayama courses are provided.
  • The Lila Flow Yoga classes repeat week to week BECAUSE WE LEARN through repetition. ADDED BENEFITS: increased stability, mobility, and flexibility in your body.
  • Develop the discipline of daily practice and invest in your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing—the email adds a sublet prompt to commit to making it to your mat.
▹ Lila Flow Yoga class
▹ Optional meditation, pranayama, and manta classes
▹ Journaling prompts
▹ 30 days of yoga calendar
▹ Note of inspiration from Clara
▹ LIVE Lila Flow class schedule
▹ Save the LIVE class to a digital calendar
Inspired by one of her teachers, Rob Brezsny, Clara themed the latest Lila Flow Yoga Series to unearth the darker emotions we experience.

Shadow School takes this concept one step further to consider the unconscious aspects of the psyche, or as Carl Jung calls it, the Shadow

“It is by going down into the abyss that you recover the treasures of life,” wrote Joseph Campbell. “Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.”

Jungian psychologists believe that you must confront your Shadow and bring it to the Light to awaken your inner divinity.

Rob Brezsny writes: “Neuroscientists at Britain’s Bristol University have concluded that playing in the dirt can make you feel really good. That’s because most soil is crawling with species of bacteria that interact favourably with the human body, strengthening the immune system and stimulating the brain in the same way antidepressants do.

Let’s hypothesize that this is an apt metaphor for playing in the dirt of the shadow.”

BONUS: Check out the free yoga series.

Reconnect 30-Day Virtual Yoga Series

Featured in Reconnect 30-Day Yoga Series:

  • 10-60 minute vinyasa classes.
  • Weekly LIVE yoga class. 
  • Short, dynamic classes to get you moving and out the door. 
  • Varied styles and lengths of classes, so you don’t burn out!
About Reconnect:

Our first Virtual Yoga Challenge was Reconnect 30-Day Yoga Challenge in June 2020.

This challenge focused on reconnecting to daily yoga practice and meeting oneself on the mat. Throughout the week, classes were shorter to accommodate work schedules, while on the weekend, participants enjoyed 90-minute vinyasa classes that opened with meditation and closed with a more extended savasana. 

The goal for 30-Opportunities was to present a unique variety of classes to engage students in recommitting to yoga during the pandemic. I carefully constructed each day based on the muscles strengthened and stretched the day before to allow the body to rest and rejuvenate so students would not get burnt out. 

For every yoga challenge day, we provide a journaling question (and suggested homework) for students to consider and engage in quiet reflection before or after the practice. The journaling prompts are created to coincide with the day’s specific class and align with the class theme.

The journaling questions are included with the class in the Apps. We also post them to the Community Facebook Group, where participants are welcome to share their answers with the community and express how they feel.

The questions received 50-60 responses per day in our first challenge, a fantastic feat to witness. We want the Facebook Group to feel like a yoga studio where practitioners can talk and hang out to share ideas and inspiration. The journaling questions were a way to get the conversation started and see how everyone was feeling and all that came up along the way, much as we would in a shared space at a yoga studio. 

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