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30 Full Body Yoga Classes for Strength and Flexibility

Short, dynamic, and grounding—you can get all you need in a full-body yoga class.

With classes of 20-40 minutes, full-body yoga is ideal for anyone tight on time, new to yoga, and those who want to add to their workout routine or decompress. 

The Lila Flow Yoga Series presents 30 days of full-body yoga. This series was born of a desire to get you moving in 30-minutes or less! Keep reading to get the entire scope of the full-body yoga classes on the Practice with Clara Apps

Table of Contents: 

About Lila Flow Yoga

A typical Lila Flow Yoga class embodies movement, breathwork, meditation, and themes to inspire and elate the senses.

Pioneered by Clara Roberts-Oss, Lila Flow Yoga combines the styles Clara’s been teaching and practicing for two decades. Coming to yoga from a dance background, Clara combines form with a space for self-expression through movement. Clara has studied with Shiva Rea and is influenced by the fluidity of Prana Flow Yoga. She has also studied with Ana Forrest and includes the integrated and subtle core exercises from Forrest Yoga into her sequences. 

Playful, dynamic, and creative sequencing that expresses the entire body through peak postures is what makes Lila Flow Yoga unique.

Practitioners can expect to stretch and strengthen the muscles strained by sitting as Clara curates sequences with the ‘sits’ culture in mind. The classes are for those advanced practitioners who seek a challenge and new students developing tenacity and awareness of the postures.  

Each Lila Flow Yoga class includes:

  • A theme to yolk the class’s mental, physical, and emotional layers.
  • Dynamic movement to relieve physical tension.
  • Breathwork to clear lethargy and move the Prana (energy).
  • Meditation to ground over-stimulation.
  • A unique Spotify playlist to accompany the class if you want music.

Advantages of a Full-Body Yoga Class

Yoga that targets the entire body is a great way to strengthen the muscles strained by sitting and release tension.

It is a grounding practice to clear emotional and mental stagnancy. The Lila Flow Yoga classes offer a full-body experience so you can make the most out of every minute you have spent on the mat! 

10 Benefits of Full-Body Yoga Classes:

  • Decrease low back pain. 
  • Relieve joint pain.
  • Increase lymphatic flow and drainage.
  • Deregulate the nervous system.
  • Build strength in the body. 
  • Lengthen strained muscles. 
  • Reduce inflammation. 
  • Improve immunity.
  • Enhance flexibility.
  • Advance body awareness. 

Who Can Do Full-Body Yoga?

This series is for anyone who is tight on time!

The classes are intentionally short to give you the most bang for your body in 20-40 minutes.

We understand it can be hard to make time for daily practice with regular routines and commitments.

The Lila Flow Yoga series is for those tight on time—the students, caregivers, and creatives. 

Setting Up Your Full-Body Yoga Class

Where Can I Practice?

Take your yoga with you anywhere, anytime. All the Practice with Clara apps classes are available to download to do your class offline. 

Watch this short video on downloading and saving classes so you can practice offline. 
What Do I Need? 

The props needed for each class are included in the class write-up. In the Lila Flow yoga class description, you’ll see an outline with the props, music, and modifications of a peak pose, such as a handstand. 

Prop Free Playlist

Do your yoga anytime, anywhere with the Prop Free Collection! Download and save this collection to practice offline, on the road, or on a quick lunch break.

Classes include:

  • Simple stretches
  • Consious rest
  • Strength building
  • Slow flow
  • Vinyasa flow
How Do I Choose the Class? 

We’ve sorted the class options for you with the Lila Flow Yoga Series! Sign up for the Daily Email to never miss a day of yoga. 

In the Practice with Clara Class of the Day Playlist, you’ll see two yoga/meditation classes. We choose the classes for you, so you don’t have to worry about selecting what yoga class to do.

You can choose your desired style, level, length, and theme based on the current day of classes. We limit the options for you to focus on making it to your yoga mat to practice—much like you would in an in-person yoga class.

Why Commit to 30 Days of Yoga? 

  • Strengthen your core, back body, and legs.
  • Stretch your hips, shoulders, chest, and waist.
  • Cultivate a meditation practice.
  • Learn how to build to peak yoga poses.
  • Make time for self-reflection.
Read the history of our 30-Day Yoga Challenges on the Practice with Clara Apps. We host three yoga challenges per year that are free for all new members.
Join us for a Virtual 30-Day Yoga Challenge:


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