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5 Things We Hope to Deliver in the New Year

You who have been seeking, 

Whatever path you are on,

A moment will come and grab you

And carries you into its dance.

– The Radiance Sutras –

Hello, fellow friends on the path, 

We kicked off 2021 with a LIVE class, Revolved Triangleon January 1st and had over 100 participants! I’m looking forward to practicing with you during the live classes each week; finding more ways to come together is one of my intentions for the New Year. 

LIVE classes are held Saturday’s at 11am PST for those of you who want to join me.  

In the weekly live class, we’ll be exploring a new peak pose for the next four weeks.

The classes I’ve planned to do with you are intermediate with plenty of modifications. The sequence leading up to a peak pose is a wonderful way to build strength, flexibility, and endurance as your body adapts to the practice. 

It feels so good to sit with everyone in a shared experience. I miss being with you in public spaces to teach and am hopeful that things shift this year so we can meet in real life to practice!

One of the things I’ve discovered teaching online classes is the power of building intimacy through conversation. I’ve found that sharing my experience has been liberating and fosters togetherness online. 

For the 30-day challenge, I’m sharing my experience of each class each day on my Instagram account

I’d love to hear from those of you who are with us for the month of the challenge. Tag #practicewithclara on Instagram, or join us in the Facebook Group where we share the daily class.

Listen to our final podcast of 2020!

We’ve decided to put a pause on the podcast moving forwards to put our time and attention on yoga events and live classes. 

Alejandro, Steph, and I sat down to discuss all the ways we delivered on our goals this year and how we wanted to better our processes moving forward. This week’s blog post captures some of our key lessons and the experiences that shaped our current offerings. 

Key Takeaways:

  1. Keep moving and roll with your mistakes. 

  2. Listen to your community.

  3. Honour process and create rituals to anchor specific tasks.

  4. Always have a backup plan. 

  5. Move in the direction that the data points.

Lesson’s Learned: 

✺ How agility benefits small businesses. 
✺  Why we always invest in a backup plan.
✺  Memorable moments with guests.

Listen to the full episode.


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