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5 Ways Meditation Promotes Good Health & LIVE Meditation


“You dream of a new world to come, a new world to be birthed, a new dream to be dreamt.
In the dream, a flower grows, a lotus from which the creator and the creation will unfold.
From which light will begin to shine upon this vast dark sea, unveiling all the magic sleeping within.
From this flower, infinite worlds and universes will be born.
Each will contain a seed of light.
And these seeds will light the heavens for all to guide their journeys by.”

― Thomas Lloyd Qualls, Painted Oxen

Happy Spring Equinox, friends!

Tomorrow marks the halfway mark between the winter and summer solstice. The seeds we have planted in the winter months are beginning to surface from our interior universe into the material world. 

This is an auspicious time to set intentions, think about what you want to bring forth into the world and what you want to shed in the process. 

This weekend we’re hosting a special Spring Equinox Retreat to celebrate the shift of seasons.

In addition to the weekly LIVE class on Saturday at 9 AM PST, I’ll be hosting 2 LIVE meditations to open and close the retreat. 

You can see the full retreat schedule here and preview the list of activities, yoga classes, and yummy recipes we’ve planned for the weekend!

The vision for this retreat is to provide a space for us to reflect on what’s happened the past few months and what direction we’d like to go in the coming months; as we open to the warmth and abundance of springtime, now is the moment to cultivate the habits and rituals that will inspire us daily. It’s also a great time of year to clean and rearrange your house to help shift the energy of winter and call in spring.  

Questions for you to consider:
▴ What has happened in the past few months? What have you learned?
▴ What would you like to manifest in the physical world?
▴ What are three things you can do to change the energy in your house? 
▴ What daily ritual or habit can you start to help inspire and connect you?

The retreat is an offering, so feel free to attend as many or as few of the activities that suit your schedule. One of the benefits of online yoga is the freedom to choose where, when, and how you show up for practice. 

I cannot wait until we can come together and share physical space, and this spring equinox retreat is my way of gathering with the community we’ve created worldwide.

I hope you can join me for a live meditation or live yoga class. 

The retreat is FREE for all PWC Members, and you can always join for the 7-day free trial if you’re a non-member and want to join us.  

How You Can Make Meditation A Daily Ritual

A daily meditation practice doesn’t have to be complicated—even a short 2-5 minute meditation performed each day has many benefits that compound over time.

There is no prescribed way to meditate. For beginners, it’s best to start by focusing on the breath and breathing into all parts of the body to create space and calm. There are many different methods of meditation to accommodate individual preferences. 

Meditation is a state of mind, not an activity. Meditation may be performed sitting, laying down, walking, reading, writing, or performing other tasks that help calm the body and mind. Meditation doesn’t necessarily mean sitting on your yoga mat; we can meditate while washing the dishes, picking our kids up from school, waiting in line at the grocer, or taking out the garbage. 

How long you meditate each day depends on your level and the style of meditation you choose. If you’re tight on time, 10-minutes of meditation is better than skipping it altogether. If you’re new to meditating, start with 5-10 minutes and add a minute or two each day. Ultimately, it depends upon the practitioner. 

If you’re not convinced that meditation is something you should include in your daily routine, read on to see the mental, physical, and emotional support meditation provides.

5 Reasons Cultivate a Meditation Practice
for Your Body, Mind, and Spirit:


Meditation works with the vagal tone, which is the activity of the vagus nerve.
The vagus nerve connects to the body’s principal organs, including the stomach, liver, heart, lungs, and brain, and is responsible for controlling the heart rate. By breathing deeply, we influence the vagus nerve and slow down the heart rate. A slower heart rate slows down the body’s vital processes, including the busyness of the mind.


Theta waves, which are the brainwaves associated with healing and the subconscious’s powers, are released during meditation, dreaming, and deep sleep.
When theta waves are more active during meditation, it’s possible that the mind and body experience rejuvenation and growth. Theta waves help prevent burnout and healing from mental and physical stressors and are the source of our more creative and intuitive processes. 


The release of feel-good hormones serotonin and dopamine during meditation may help manage anxiety and intense emotions. The lessening of the stress hormone cortisol reduces tension and angst.


Meditation boosts the immune system by decreasing the stressors on the body.
When we hit the burnt-out zone, our immune system takes the hit and causes the body to become inflamed as a means to protect itself. Stress causes the body to stay in fight or flight mode, which takes its toll on the mind and body. Meditation shifts the body from fight or flight, the sympathetic nervous system, into rest and digest, which is a function of the parasympathetic nervous system. It’s in rest and digest mode that we can recover and restore to a more balanced state. 


The muscles relax when we meditate. Deeper breathing and stillness slow the body’s processes down, so we might passively release any tension we’re holding in the body or mind. Where yoga actively stretches to release the muscles, meditation creates space for muscles to soften and relax.

New to Meditation? —Here’s where to start!

⭐️ Open-Level Meditations for beginners:

Durga Meditation is a <5-minute meditation that focuses on the strength and power of Durga Maa. 

Use this meditation to connect to your inner warrior.

Mudra Meditation is a <10-minute meditation that includes Bhramari breath and two mudras to ease you into a meditation practice.

⚡️ Meditations for those who have a practice:

Ocean Meditation is a 15-minute meditation that features the rhythmic waves of the ocean. Take this meditation laying down or supported by a wall if you need to. 

You Who Has Been Seeking is a 12-minute meditation that asks you to sit with the simplicity of The Radiance Sutras. The offering of this meditation is to allow the poem’s words to wash over you and breathe into the feeling that the poem invokes in your body.

🕯 Meditation & Visualization practices:

Expand Visualization is a 15-minute meditation that taps into the expansiveness of the heart to bring more awareness to the breath, how you feel, and how you relate to the environments and individuals in your life.

Light Meditation is a 15-minute meditation that that moves through a body scan and visualization to help calm the nervous system.  

💫 Meditation & Movement practices:

River of Prana is a 20-minute class that features a moving meditation to connect you to your body and breath. This meditative flow class provides the space to ground through deep breathing and fluid movement from Shiva Rea’s Prana Flow, a rhythmic style of yoga that links the body to the breath to directly influence Prana (life-energy) through the body.

Pranayama Meditation is an 8-minute class that features a variety of kriyas (purification practices), pranayama (breathwork), and meditation.

If you know first-hand how good it feels to meditate and revel in the benefits, share your wealth with a friend—all new members of PWC get 7-days free!

Here’s the info on tomorrow’s class:

Vishnu is the Hindu god known for bringing balance back to the world. Join Clara for a 60-minute practice working on balancing on our hands.

What to expect: Core, chest, and glute strengthening. Hamstring, tricep, and shoulder opening. 

Props you’ll need: 1 Block.