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4 reasons to join:

  • It’s FREE and hosted on my YouTube Channel!

  • Develop strength in advanced yoga postures, including peacock, hanuman, and wheel pose.

  • Make space to breathe and connect with yourself for seven days.

  • A variety of yoga classes designed to balance the targeted muscle groups and work through the six families of poses!
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In this free vinyasa yoga series you receive:
• A vinyasa yoga class on YouTube for seven days.
•• Tips and modifications to explore peak yoga poses. 
••• Spotify music playlists. 

What is Vinyasa Yoga?

Vinyasa Yoga translates from Sanskrit as “to place in a special way.”
It links each movement to the breath.

Vinyasa yoga is defined by the unique sequence of postures and transitions between each pose. The fluid and dynamic transitions, intentional breathing techniques, and separate music vinyasa from Ashtanga yoga.

The intensity of vinyasa is similar to that of Ashtanga practice. However, the variety in asana, pranayama, music, theme, and transitions allow for a break in routine from the traditional Ashtanga practice. 

Vinyasa yoga is for those who have knowledge of the basic yoga poses and how to breathe.

Understanding Ujayyi breath is necessary to flow through the class and link each posture to the breath. The teacher and style of vinyasa will also determine the intensity and level. 

Explore all the Vinyasa Classes on Practice with Clara Virtual Yoga Studio:

The Practice with Clara Program

If you love the 7-Day Vinyasa Yoga Intensive, join us on the Practice with Clara Apps for the Class of the Day!

The Class of the Day is the featured month of classes. The monthly schedule follows the Practice with Clara Program, rotating between the different styles of yoga to avoid burnout, strain, and fatigue. 

In the Class of the Day Playlist, you’ll see two yoga/meditation classes to choose from. We choose the classes for you, so you don’t have to worry about selecting what yoga class to do. We limit the options for you to focus on making it to your yoga mat to practice—much like you would in an in-person yoga class. Based on the current day of classes, you can choose your desired style, level, length, and theme.

In this playlist, you will also find the monthly series. Each month on Practice with Clara features a unique yoga series or 30-day yoga challenge. The yoga challenges appear in January, April, and October. These events are free for all new members. The monthly yoga series offers classes and bonus content designed around a specific theme. 

Read the full blog post to learn about the Practice with Clara Program and see how you will benefit from a daily yoga class. 

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