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A Space for Introspection

 In order to move forward, you need to
know what came before.

Hello fellow seekers of truth,

How are you integrating back into society?
How are you feeling about it?

I’ve been finding it a bit strange to see so many people. My natural inclination has been to move away when I see crowds. It’s crazy how in a short time (2-ish months) my feelings about crowds has changed. I look forward to when it feels “normal” to be around people again. 

Reflecting on this time has me thinking about the past–our parents can knowingly and unknowingly pass on their wounds to us. If/when we want the buck to stop with us, we must do the “work” to not pass it to our children. 

I’ve been thinking about this idea quite a bit since we’ve had little Karmen. I think it’s important to not only understand your blood lineage but also the history of the country you live in/were born in. Educating yourself on the past gives you context on what is going on today. Learning about what came before can empower you to create a new future–one that is free of past mistakes. Don’t get me wrong, you might still make mistakes, but hopefully the mistakes are your own, not your parents. 

Reflecting on your past, what stories/feelings are you walking around with that belong to your parents? Your culture? 

In other news….
We are halfway through the 30 Opportunities Virtual Yoga Challenge! It’s been so inspiring to read your comments and stories in the community Facebook Group. My intention for the Challenge was to provide a space for introspection and foster community–and it feels like we did it!

A big Thank You to all for sharing your photos and thoughts. May we keep up this momentum as we move through last next 15-days!

You can also check out Steph’s blog post on grounding to review the highlights of our discussion this week. 

Here’s to discovering what grounds us and connecting to something greater than ourselves…. 

Sending you a virtual hug, 
Clara & the familia.

New Class this Week: Grounded


A class to ground and embody the Earth element, join Clara and the Students of Lila Vinyasa Yoga for an all-levels class to open the hips. A Hatha class that gently flows through a variety of balancing poses, this sequence encourages you to feel the strength and stability in your legs. The Earth has a dense, grounding quality that you’ll open to receive as you move and breathe.

30-Opportunities Virtual Yoga Challenge

DAY 13 

A Welcomed Season

Connect to your body with this fluid vinyasa practice inspired by a poem by Hafiz. Expect a little bit of everything (twists, hip openers, inversions, backends, and standing leg balances) with a focus on the process versus a peak pose.

flow yoga a welcomed season introspection
A Welcomed Season


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