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This is a week of anniversaries. 

April 21st is the 9th anniversary of my mother passing.
April 26th is the 44th anniversary of my being born.
A celebration of life and death all in one week. It’s a big week for me. 

The first few years after my mother passed I couldn’t bring myself to celebrate my birthday. I would celebrate my mother each year then go quiet for a week. My father and I usually get together and eat something delicious (usually Italian) and sit together and share memories of Frances Ann.

This year my father brought over a box of photos and sat with Karmen and I going through them. It was cool to share what we remembered from each photo, that time period. Afterwards we headed over to Viva, a cafe my mother adored when she visited me, got some baked goods and sat by the ocean, my mother’s favorite pastime. The sun was out, the air was crisp and it didn’t feel as heavy this year thinking of her. Afterwards, we pulled out some chalk and drew on the sidewalk and watched Karmen on the playground. It was a good day.

My mother meant so much to both my father and I. It’s been a gift to be able to share her anniversary with him. 

Leaving you with a quote I’ve been sitting with this week – 

“The basis of Tantric sadhana is always to wait for a new veil to be torn away without your spiritual qualities hardening. In nature, nothing ceases to evolve, to be infinitely transformed. To look for a stable state is to cut yourself off from reality. Everything is based on respiration. Can you breathe in for three hours? No. You breathe in and breathe out. We follow the movement of the universe, going in and out, opening and closing, expanding and contracting. All activity takes place in these two modes, and it is their perfect comprehension, their perfect integration into our practice, that allows consciousness to breathe. Never forget that consciousness breathes.”

– Daniel OdierTantric Quest 

💕 Clara

Some Of

My mother’s Favorites


Kind Of Blue – Miles Davis
Bach Suites Para Cello – Pablo Casals
Amazing Grace: Live – Aretha Franklin
The Girl from Ipanema – Getz, Gilberto & Jobim



Memories, Dream, Reflections – C G Jung
If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler – Italo Calvino
Inner Experience: Notes on Contemplation – Thomas Merton