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A Woman With Many Hats

I just finished writing my power point presentation for the Business of Yoga tomorrow. If you told me I would be doing such a thing back when I started on this path, I would have laughed. I’m not a business owner, I would have said, I’m a yoga teacher. 

Yesterday I was at Coffee Connection at my co-working space, Werklab talking about how much has changed at Practice With Clara since we hired a UX (user experience) designer – shoutout to Sarah McVean for her expertise and insight – yip yip! 

I don’t know when it happened, but somewhere along my yoga teaching career – I also expanded into doing more than just teaching yoga. It didn’t happen over night and it didn’t happen intentionally. At least not at first. 

Here’s a little secret – it’s not sustainable for most yoga teachers to just teach public yoga classes. Teachers all get to a burnout point when they have evaluate how they’re working. Some get a part time or full time job to supplement their income. Some start offering workshops, trainings and retreats. Others open studios. 

Me – I did a little bit of everything. Because of it, I learned a lot of different skills along the way and hired some pretty awesome people to help me – shout out to Seraphina and Alex

Some of these skills include book keeping, graphic design, blog writing, video production and lots of other admin skills. 

I’ll be honest, all the hats I wear don’t excite me. 

Do you know what does excite me?

1. Creating experiences, spaces and events that bring us together. This has always been the driving force in all the choices I’ve made these past two decades. Shoutout to all of ya’ll for inspiring me and coming along on the many adventures globally  and internally!

2. Creating a schedule that allows me to work when I want. Sometimes that means working 7 days a week but I have made it a point to do something every day that lights me up!

What a privilege and gift this trip has been.

I ask you family – 
What have you created? 
What is currently exciting you? 
What skills are you surprised you’ve acquired?

Tell me all thing things,


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