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Your Guide to the Anatomy of Meditation with Ramesh Tarun Narine

Welcome to the Lila Wellness Summit with special guest speaker Ramesh Tarun Narine. Ramesh joined us to discuss the anatomy of meditation with tips to work with gravity and enhance the longevity of the spine.  

Alignment occurs when we create a solid foundation from below and engage gravity. We are constantly working with this centripetal force. Moving with rather than against the energies will create a long-term, positive relationship between the bones, muscles, connective tissues, and nervous system. Thus, creating a state of ease and harmony in the body during meditation and as you move through the day. 

All the tensions, uniquely asymmetrical, are going to pull on the pelvis. This is powerful because the pelvis is the central hub of the body. The body is constantly relaying and balancing those forces, it’s a full-time job. Structure and function are interrelated; they rely upon one another. — Ramesh Tarun Narine. 

In the lecture, Anatomy of Meditation, Ramesh outlines the spine’s structure and its place in meditation to neutralize energy leaks and enhance the overall quality of life.

10 Things You Will Learn in the Anatomy of Meditation with Ramesh Tarun Narine:

  1. The two types of skeletons, axial and appendicular, and how they relate to posture.
  2. Proper alignment in Tadasana and why this is the most important yoga pose. 
  3. How to make the most of the ‘energy budget’ of the body.
  4. Postural tips to lessen the flare of inflammation, pain, and disease.
  5. Exercises to perceive the interrelatedness and unification of the parts of the body. 
  6. How the smallest movements create large impacts. 
  7. A breakdown of the curvature of the spinal column.
  8. Tips for working with rather than against gravity. 
  9. How to neutralize and come back to balance in the body. 
  10. How to sit and align in your meditation practice.

Watch the full lecture on the Anatomy of Meditation with Ramesh Tarun Narine.

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About the Lila Wellness Summit

Knowledge is power –
With knowledge, we can make more informed decisions. 
Join us for an educational Wellness Summit to learn more about your body, from the anatomical to the energetic, from the material to the subtle. 
We asked 4 health care practitioners to offer a lecture on what they are most passionate about and what they feel would benefit our community.
What they brought back to us was magical.

Meet Ramesh Tarun Narine—

A Body Worker + Yoga Teacher and special guest speaker for the Lila Wellness Summit.

Ramesh taught his first yoga class in 2004 and went back to school in 2010 to become a medical massage therapist. Fascinated by the experiences he had working in those worlds, he became a student of osteopathy in 2018. In addition, having spent decades working in diverse fields, he facilitates online development programs for personal growth.

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Introduction to Anatomy of Meditation

Read the excerpt taken from the on-demand lecture with Ramesh Tarun Narine, 3000-hour RMT.

Thanks for having me. It’s a pleasure to be here, sharing this information with you. I’m going to invite you to view the body through what I think is a reasonably unique lens. It’s the idea that you have two skeletons and that their interactions are really the foundation of all of the postures that we make both in the day today and as well in our yoga practice. 

With today’s topic of the anatomy of meditation, we’re going to explore how posture is under the persistent influence, whether we’re standing, sitting, or lying down, of this ubiquitous, consistent, persistent, pernicious influence that we never really pay attention to. That force is gravity. 

At the end of the day, we have an attention budget—or an energy budget—for the body. From the time we wake up to the time we go to sleep. We’re spending our energy budget when we sleep as well, though the processes that we’re involved in [during sleep] allow us to recoup a lot of that energy. 

When we’re perched on the wire, like a bird, clutching at the earth, the muscular effort requires action. And that action is low lying, but it’s in the background persistently.

And over time, that is a leakage of energy. We are spending that attention budget that we have, and gradually that taxation accumulates in the body to the point where we have issues. They build up slowly, but those stresses—the persistent taxation of stress— can sometimes tip into inflammation, which the gradual accumulation of can become disease.

One way to reduce this tension in the body of this tax is just to find that effortless neutrality that the skeleton affords in us.

We always have the ability at any time to draw energy back to the system. Just like a gardener in the fields working to make perhaps a greater grape for the wine and the vine, we need to trim. We need to prune back some of that energy so that we can intentionally direct it. 

Tension or pain is usually a symptom of a deeper cause or causation. 

Lila is a form of cosmic play, and your body is a laboratory that you take with you everywhere. You get to explore it anytime.

When you sit in this way, you’re going to start to accentuate signals that are meaningful. Perhaps you might be able to generate more of what you want by letting go of the things that no longer serve.

I believe that meditation is a key component in that it’s an exponential return on our investment. 

About Ramesh Tarun Narine

Ramesh taught his first yoga class in 2004 and went back to school in 2010 to become a medical massage therapist.

Fascinated by the experiences he had working in those worlds, he became a student of osteopathy in 2018. In addition, having spent decades working in diverse fields, he facilitates online development programs for personal growth. These experiences help him to serve the insights and intangible assets of a generalist mindset to both individuals and organizations seeking unique strategies and solutions.

In addition to yoga, anatomy and physiology, Ramesh studies personal and professional development, quantum mechanics, entrepreneurial ventures, leadership and growth.

Clients seek Ramesh to discover versions of themselves that they’ve yet been called to become.

Those who prosper most in working with Ramesh tend to have a mission that resonates with transformation and personal growth.

Anatomy was and has been something of a throughline since Ramesh was a kid; he enjoyed making sense of how things came together. There’s a shadow aspect to much of this in that Ramesh’s service of caring for others has its roots in childhood.

Ramesh’s teachers include Natale Rao, an RMT for over 30 years, who has been a strong influence with the mantra: take care of what we can attend to and leave the rest. A friend, Athena Calderone, who has an effortless sense of who she is and how she attends to her work and family, is a deep inspiration; she also introduced Ramesh to his wife—another great teacher.

Morning practice is integral to the type of day Ramesh will have; he rises, does neti and then sits. Depending on what’s happening his life, he’ll make use of morning pages or get down to the details of the day. 

The Pomodoro method has been good for Ramesh. He operates on a 25/5 ratio, working for 25 minutes on a timer and then taking 5 minutes to integrate through something other than the internet. It’s helped him get better at meeting deliverables. He does basic exercises for the five minutes or plays scales on the guitar. 

Learn more about Ramesh on his website or follow his stories on Instagram.

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Meet Our Guest Speakers at the Summit:

Your Guide to the Anatomy of the Shoulder with Dr. Paul Ochoa—Orthopedic Therapist, COMT.

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Seraphina Dawn

Seraphina has a BA in Literature from Simone Fraser University and participated in the Creative Writing Program at UC Berkeley. She is a Kundalini teacher, writer, and poet. She admires Clarice Lispector’s prose, Octavia Butler’s fiction, and Simone Weil's philosophy. Seraphina currently lives in Istanbul. 


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