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Yoga Playlist-Yuppers

Yoga is one of those practices that is beneficial for all five of your senses and let you connect with yourself. From spiritual wellness to physical wellbeing, Yoga helps in all regards. In some cultures, religions and regions of the world such as Hinduism, Yoga is an essential part of their belief. It is a common practice and people do it to support their emotional, physical and spiritual stability. There is more to yoga than just touching your feel and chanting Om. This practice lets you get in touch with your inner self, if done properly.

Yoga: Route to Wellness

Firstly, Yoga is beneficial for physical wellness, especially for increasing strength and flexibility. Many patients are advised to do yoga or meditate every day by their medical healthcare professionals. This is because Yoga helps in healing you faster. Moreover, it increases flexibility which is something anyone who is aging could really use. Secondly, yoga increase physical strength. Therefore, if you have been feeling weak lately, you can try yoga to strengthen different muscles in your body. With regular yoga, you will become aware of your body. Thus, if you ever find yourself slouching, you will be able to fix your posture.

Relax your Mind

Yoga is not only for the body but also for the mind. This practice is a great way of relaxing and separating your body from the burden of the present for some time. While aerobic exercises help you sweat, Yoga helps you breathe better and be less stressed. In some routines of yoga, certain breathing techniques are involved and they calm your mind. It has been scientifically proven that doing yoga might help in lowering bad cholesterol levels and reducing triglyceride accumulation in the body. Some studies have also linked yoga to a better immune system.

A Catchy Playlist for Yoga

Just like you would play your workout playlist in the gym, you need a playlist for doing yoga. The songs for yoga playlist are chosen according to the kind of activity you are doing. The beat and sound of music resonates with the slow and refined movements involved in yoga. You might not find the popular beats in this playlist because the playlist is curated by keeping the needs of any yoga-doer in mind. Since this playlist is on Spotify, you have constant access to it on your phone. So, even if you are doing yoga in the park, the playlist goes with you. The next time you decide to pull out your yoga mat, play this list playlist, with songs like Ganapati and Sea of Love, and get involved in the rhythm of the music.

1. Let Your Heart Be Known (Remix)-Steve Gold
2. Ganapati-Susheela Raman
3. By Your Side (Neptunes Remix)-Sade
4. Sometimes-Raphael Saadiq
5. Diferente-Gotan Project
6. Stay For Awhile (Feat. Angie Stone)-Anthony Hamilton
7. 100 Yard Dash-Raphael Saadiq
8. Until the Morning-Thievery Corporation
9. Ernie-Fat Freddy’s Drop
10. Fire and Rain-James Taylor
11. Sea of Love-Cat Power
10. Into Dust-Mazzy Star


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