Attune to the Full Moon with Your Astrology Report for Aries Season

Simone Pinkhasova is our new contributor joining us to share her astrology wisdom for our 30-Day Yoga Challenge Into the Stars! 

Born in Serbia, Simone immigrated to Canada with her family when she was a child. She grew up outside of Barrier Lake, Alberta, where she spent hours swimming and studying the stars. Mystified by the cosmos, mythology, and astrology, Simone’s passion for stargazing flourished into a career reading the planets and their relationship to worldly events. She enjoys frothy Horchatas, lilies, and dangly earrings. Her favorite constellation is Cassiopeia, named for the Greek queen who bragged about her beauty until she was banished to the sky. Cassiopeia was the first star cluster Simone recognized, owing to how easy it is to see in fall and spring. As she becomes more near-sighted with age, Cassiopeia might be one of the last constellations Simone will perceive. 

☽ ☽ ☽ Attune to the Moon ☾ ☾ ☾
Your Astrology Report for the Full Moon in Libra

with Simone Pinkhasova

Weekend Report

This weekend, we have a full moon crossing with a void-of-course moon on Saturday, March 27th.

A full moon is when the moon is in direct opposition to the sun. Full moons represent a polarity and the opportunity to attune to how we feel and clarify what we hope to culminate. We experience full moons once a month, whereas we experience void-of-course moons several times a month for varying periods. 

A void-of-course moon is when the moon shifts from one zodiac sign into the next sign. Each of the zodiac signs have unique aspects, energies, and emotions; when we’re in a particular zodiac, we’re more prone to that sign’s emotional/energetic influences. 

The transition during a void-of-course moon is similar to the feeling of returning home after an extended vacation; the return is painful, and yet we’re grateful to be home. The void-of-course moon represents a period of limbo between two signs and is NOT the time to be making big decisions until we’ve fully transitioned into the next sign. 

Understanding the moon cycles is relevant as the moon symbolizes our emotional center—aligning with the moon’s rhythms may allow us to connect to a more profound expression of how we feel to create more ease, engagement, and self-awareness. 

That said, this weekend is not the time to set goals, review intentions, or start new projects, specifically during the void-of-course moon on March 27th from 4:47 PM – 10:22 PM PST. 

Full Moon in Libra

This weekend, make space to explore:

Sensitive issues with those you love and trust; Libra’s diplomatic energy allows you to negotiate and stay present for each emotion that arises. 
Activities or objects that bring you beauty; Libra loves simple, aesthetic pleasures, so purchase yourself some flowers or go for a long walk in nature.
Time with family and friends; Libra relishes being around those they love, so put down your work and responsibilities and enjoy playtime with loved ones. 

The shift from the void moon to the full moon in Libra occurs on Sunday, March 28th, which means we’re wrapping up the month swaddled in cashmere and lace. Libras are the Queens of Astrology. No sign compares with the simple elegance of a Libra in aesthetic taste and charm. Libra understands the need for order and balance and uses their intelligence to create harmony wherever they go—leaving the tantalizing aroma of whatever expensive perfume they’re wearing and benevolence for passersby.

We’re all treated to the simple graces of Libra on Sunday’s full moon. This weekend, take a moment to celebrate by sending well wishes to others, indulging in simple pleasures, appreciating beauty, and sharing good food and conversation with those you love! This weekend is not the time to dwell on, over-analyze, or examine your career, finances, or relationships. Libra’s energy asks us to pause and enjoy what we’ve created this past month, with a gentle and kind attitude towards ourselves and others. 

Because the full moon in Libra wants everyone to enjoy the feel-good vibes, and the void moon puts everything major on-hold, we’ve selected a yoga & meditation class for the zodiacs that will leave each sign feeling refreshed, supported, and content.

The Month Ahead

April is greatly influenced by the planets Mercury and Venus. Mercury is the smallest planet and moves very quickly; it presides over Gemini and Virgo and symbolizes the winged messenger in Greek Mythology. Mercury represents communication, youth, and the ability to coordinate and assimilate information. 

Venus is the planet of pleasure, governing adoration and beauty. Akin to the Roman goddess of love, Venus is all about grace, relationships, and aesthetic indulgences. Venus presides over Libra and Taurus and asks us to seek balance and harmony in all aspects of our lives, including material and metaphysical possessions. 

On April 12th, we shift into the New Moon under Aries, a fire sign known for passion, determination, confidence, and fearless love

The New Moon in Aries may invoke a playful burst of energy to direct into new projects with family and friends. April is a time to be surrounded by loved ones and spring clean the home. Invest your time in those around you and the environments you embody; embrace the tedium of decluttering your closet or organizing bookshelves. Call your parents or grandparents, take your kids to the park, or make a meal at home with friends. 

April’s laid-back and loving energy invites us to focus on our health, specifically, the nervous and digestive systems. Get lots of sleep and rest, do grounding activities such as yoga, meditation, go for long walks or jogs in nature, and eat nourishing foods. Spring is the season of rebirth and renewal. We’re welcomed by longer days and bright mornings to draw us from hibernation. 

Creating a daily ritual may help guide you through the flux we feel whenever we undergo a transition, be it the seasons or other life experiences. A morning routine of exercise, meditation, journaling, or something of the like, provides a grounding method to establish a new habit as we move into spring. 

The latter half of April treats us to the Lyrid Meteor Shower on April 22/23rd. The Lyrids start on April 16th and peak around the 22nd. The best time to watch the shower is between midnight and dawn; grab a friend or family member and some snacks and zesty beverages to stay awake! 

April Forecast

Next month, indulge in low-key activities:

Spring clean your home or work environment; declutter your surroundings to bring peace and clarity to the spaces you dwell in.
Commit to a daily ritual of exercise; get up and get moving! Yoga, walk, run, jump, break a sweat to shuck the static energy we’ve been nesting in all winter. 
Invest in nourishing foods you can prepare at home; focus on your diet and health by eating locally-sourced foods you prepare at home with loved ones.
astrology report

Commit to a daily ritual of exercise with April’s 30-Day Yoga Challenge

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Yoga & Meditation Classes for Each Zodiac Sign

Plan your weekend accordingly; choose a yoga class, meditation, and music based on your sign’s element. 

Aries. Leo. Sagittarius.

This weekend, keep the fire burning at a temperature you can sustain. Libra’s energy asks that you balance your natural tendency for intensity with activities and people who help you take things down a notch.

Use this weekend to connect to Libra’s compromising nature. If there’s a dispute or a conflict you’re holding on to like a hot coal, now is the time to put it down.

Balance your need to be seen and heard with the requests of those around you. We know you like to be the one in charge, but allow yourself to open to receive others to resolve conflicts and unnecessary drama.

Your weekend yoga schedule:

Fire signs have a lot to burn before they can chill out, which is why Revolved Triangle is the perfect yoga class. Lunges, twists, and lots of core work bring the HEAT, so you feel the burn, baby!

Follow your yoga class with Ocean Meditation, and make sure to drink lots of water throughout the day.

It’s all about the playlist; Clara created a special hip-hop playlist featuring Jay-Z for class, so check out Revolved Triangle playlist on Spotify.

April Forecast for Fire Signs

Aries ♈️  It’s your month, celebrate long and large with those you love. Create a routine you can sustain; find an app to track your progress or a buddy to check-in with to stay motivated. 

Leo ♌️  Release disagreements with friends or colleagues. Let go of being the one in charge and see how you can work toward compromise. 

Sagittarius ♐️ An abundance of social activities keeps your mood elevated and activity level strong. Balance feelings of restlessness with grounding activities you can do in solitude, such as reading or meditation. 

Gemini. Libra. Aquarius.

It’s your weekend, Air signs! You’re always ready for a weekend of intimate conversations with friends and developing social dynamics. 

Treat someone you care about to a nice meal; as we transition from Virgo into Libra’s graces, we discover our natural tendency to come into relationships with others and recognize how each relationship affects who we are in the world.

Remember, not everyone is as naturally inclined as you in making space for others, so take a step back to do a little self-care if you need it before venturing out into your vast social networks!

Your weekend yoga schedule:

Sweet, darling air signs can indulge in spaciousness and play in For the Love of Krishna. This deep back bending class includes a little bit of mantra, core strengthening, side waist lengthening, and a special Spotify playlist to instill good vibes.

Our suggestion is to bookend the day with yoga classes; open with For the Love of Krishna, and close your day with Hatha class, Tethered to Earth.

This Hatha session will help air signs ground and come down from the day-long high they’ve enjoyed. 

April Forecast for Air Signs

Gemini ♊️  You’re vibing high this month with more and more opportunities to reconnect with friends. How can you use the information you gather for the greater good? Is there a way for you to hone-in on your ability to assimilate information and cast a wider net? 

Libra ♎️  Your usual methods to come back to balance are disrupted this month when you overcommit. Use this time to rekindle your relationship with yourself, and see where you might be more decisive. 

Aquarius ♒️  You’re in the mood to travel or relocate; press pause and examine all the ways you can escape within the comfort of your home. Call a relative who lives in a different area and exchange stories to inspire a shift in perspective. 

Taurus. Virgo. Capricorn.

We shift out of the Virgo moon this weekend, so our earth signs will be a little disdainful toward having to pause their personal projects. Libra’s energy is more receptive and responsive, which means putting all individual achievement on-hold for a hot minute.

Earth signs might open to receive the fair-minded focus of Libra energy by creating plans and projects with friends or family members. See what collaborative spaces you can work in and who you may be able to partner with; Libra reminds us to explore relationships as a portal to see more of ourselves.

On Saturday, the void moon is a great time for earth signs to step back, pause, and reconnect with the people and places they find grounding before.

Your weekend yoga schedule:

Chances are, the earth signs have a favorite class on repeat they’ll want to tune into before honing in on the full moon to optimize their chances for opportunity and inspiration.

An Offering is the best class to keep these signs anchored in the present with the option to dedicate something beyond the aspirations of the self. The Spotify playlist for this class is steady and grounding for our dear earth signs to feel nourished. 

Follow your yoga session with the Lakshmi Mantra to sow the seeds of abundance and beauty. 

April Forecast for Earth Signs

Taurus ♉️  Your home life feels unstable, which is upsetting to manage. Get outside and explore nature to rediscover the quiet you have within yourself. Discover new ways to adapt and re-create your environment. 

Virgo ♍️  You may be faced with a decision that’s disruptive and may cause you to act rashly. Focus on compassion and how to forgive yourself and others. Meditation is a must.

Capricorn ♑️  Spring blossoms with new routines, which is as exciting as it is unsettling. Remember to slow down and see the bigger picture; one foot in front of the other will eventually guide you to your desired destination. 

Cancer. Scorpio. Pisces

Water signs relish moments to explore the whims and fancies of those they love, so this weekend will be a treat for our Cancers, Scorpios, and Pisces. 

Full moons are periods of heightened emotions and expectations, and this weekend’s full moon in Libra will crack open any lingering emotions around relationships and romance, so be prepared to confront the people involved.

The sensitive and nurturing attitudes of water signs thrive under Libra’s harmonious and benevolent attitude. Be careful of overdoing it with those you love this weekend, as it’s not uncommon for our water signs to get a little carried away with the romance!

Your weekend yoga schedule:

Self-care with time to indulge and follow one’s passion could be the mantra for water signs.

Going with the flow and honoring rhythm is the water bearers’ mindset, so a yoga class like Presence will hit all the right notes, especially if you turn up the Spotify playlist volume.

Follow this class with the Shiva Mantra & Meditation to let whatever you’ve been holding go and move with more flow. 

April Forecast for Water Signs

Cancer  ♋️  Reviving your community is at the forefront for you this month. Spread the information you know to be true and support those who share your values. Evaluate the traditions you no longer wish to preserve. Trust your process, no matter how obscure it may feel. 

Scorpio ♏️  Things will get worse before they get better; use your intensity to focus on what matters most. Tensions erupt that are out of your control. Learn how to be with your discomfort. 

Pisces ♓️  Your values are tested and your vision of what you wanted is blurry. Dig deep to rediscover your faith. Maintain your physical health with outdoor activities, breathe the fresh air to inspire and invigorate. 

I look forward to seeing you next month for April’s Full Moon Reading!
– Simone P. 

For a more comprehensive list of classes to accommodate your zodiac sign, check out the Elements Collection on the Practice with Clara Apps!

Playlist Covers

Yoga has a very calming influence on your body but there are several positions that help more than others. These positions are specifically aimed at stress relief. In this poses, you have to focus on one point and this helps in reducing stress. If you have been stressed lately and it is negatively affecting every aspect of your life and your relationship with others, then you should try yoga. It has been a helpful tool for centuries and people all over the world use it for stress management.

Yoga for Stress Management

One of the most common poses for stress management is the eagle pose. In this pose, you have to focus your mind on a single focal point. If there is physical stress in your body, such as in your hips or shoulders, this pose helps in relieving that stress too. When you are stressed, tension accumulates in your shoulders and you will feel soreness when you move. The eagle pose relieves stress from these focal points.

Another pose that really helps in stress management is the Uttanasana pose in which you stand and bend forward. This pose really helps in balancing the sacral chakra. Also, it promotes a feeling of wellness in the nervous system. If your stress is emotional or mental and your brain is busy with all this stressful information, you can calm your mind using this pose. The Child’s Pose is also quite beneficial for stress relief. It helps in improving blood circulation in your body as a result of which, all the limbs get the important fluids.

Finding a Focal Point

For most yoga poses, you will need a focal point as the center of attention and this is where things tend to get hard for some people. of course, it would be hard for anyone to stare at one thing for so long and not let their minds wander off to somewhere else. While this is hard in the beginning, it becomes an easy thing after time. You can choose anything as your focal point. For example, you can have an image in front of you that can be your focal point. Sometimes, yoga teachers would chant mantras and these phrases or words become the focal points.

If you are a music lover, you would know how easy it is to lose yourself into good music. A good song can be the perfect focal point for yoga as you can focus on one word or verse of that song. I have made a playlist of covers that you can play during yoga. The beauty of covers is that people have added their own style and sometimes a distinctive element to the songs. You will notice that most of these songs are shorter as compared to songs in my other playlist. That is just how most covers are. From John Mayer to Annie Lennox, there are some amazing artists on this playlist and they will surely mesmerize you.

A playlist of all covers for your enjoyment….



Take Care of Your Mind First

equal vision quote

Take Care of Your Mind First.

The greatest gift meditation has ever taught me is that a much larger percentage than I thought of the world around me is self created. All the stories I make up about what’s going on around is exactly that, stories. So sit still Clara and really see what’s going on around you.

A great excerpt that nails it:

“Sri Ramakrishna Parahamsa told this fine story: A few people were walking along the road early in the morning, and they saw a man lying on the side of the road. The first one said, ‘He must have spent the whole night gambling and couldn’t reach home, so he fell asleep here. Gamblers are like that. The don’t reach home safely.’ Then he walked away.

The next one spoke, ‘Poor man, he must be very ill. We shouldn’t disturb a sick man. Let him rest there.’ Then he walked away.

The third one came and said to the man on the roadside, ‘You’re a bum. You don’t know how to drink. Don’t you know one or two is enough? Probably they gave you free drinks, and now you’re down.’ He treated him as a drunkard.

The first fellow thought the man had been gambling and was sleeping. The second thought he was sick, and the third thought he was drunk. Then the fourth man spoke: ‘A saint doesn’t care where he is. Probably he’s in higher consciousness, samadhi. A saint can be anywhere…This man is probably above physical consciousness. Let’s not disturb him.’ Then he bowed and walked away.

We don’t know who was right. All four may have been wrong. They all saw the same person differently because they projected themselves. A drinker thinks the other is a drunk. A saint sees a saint. The world as you perceive it is nothing but your own projection. If there is hell in your mind, you won’t see heaven anywhere. If there is heaven in your mind, you can’t see hell anywhere. That’s why it’s said, ‘Correct your vision, and you will see the truth.’ Self -reformation will bring the right view…The teaching given here is: Take care of your own mind first.”

Sri Swami Satchindanada, The Living Gita




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Equal Vision

equal vision quote

“Having equal vision means you don’t see anybody as low or high. To you both thief and police officer are equal. You don’t see the superficial. The Self of the thief is the same as that of the police officer. Something is playing the part of the thief, and that same something is playing the part of the police officer. Because the sage is rooted in the Self, they see both as Self. So, for the sage, they are equal.

This explains the Biblical commandment, “Love your neighbor as your Self.” It doesn’t say, “Love only your good neighbor as your Self,” or “Love your neighbor who has the same label. If he’s Catholic, love him. If she’s Protestant, throw stones at her.” No. It simply says, “your neighbor.” And who is your neighbor? The one sitting next to you now, or in the next room, the next house, or the next town. Everyone close to you is your neighbor.

But how to love your neighbor as your own Self? You have to see your Self in that person. Otherwise, you can’t love them as your own Self. How can you see your Self in another if you don’t know your Self? Suppose I say, “Here’s a banana. Please see the banana that you had yesterday in this banana.” To do that you should have had a banana yesterday in order to know what a banana is. Only then will you recognize one and the other as the same. If I don’t know what a banana is, I can’t say this one is the same as the other, and I love his as I loved the other banana.

The clue here is to know your Self and then see your Self in your neighbour. Then love them as you love your Self. That’s why someone who has realized Self will always have equal vision based on that Self or that spirit. A Divine-realized person will see nothing but Divinity everywhere, even though that Divinity may be clothed in different forms and using different names. That’s why Lord Krishna says that whether it’s a dog or an outcast or a great spiritual person, it’s all the same to a person of wisdom.

How can we truly come together? Only with this spiritual knowledge—not by mental, physical or financial knowledge. We can never find oneness in any of these areas, no in the name of a country, race, creed, community, money or education. They only way to see everybody equally is in that divine vision. The we see the same truth coloured different ways.

I’m stressing the point here because we often talk about unity, oneness and harmony. But true harmony can be experienced only by realizing spirit and seeing that spirit in everybody. In all other areas we see differences. Such harmony won’t last long. When people dress the same way or speak the same language, they in a sort of harmony. But if somebody speaks a different language, they are seen as different. It’s not universal harmony then. There ’s only one universal truth. That’s the great advantage of realizing one’s own true Self.”

Sri Swami Satchidananda, The Living Gita



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The Tension of Opposites

The tension of opposites

There has been a big debate as to whether or not someone on the spiritual path can also be a householder. Can someone who is devoted to gaining a deeper awareness/understanding of the internal landscape also be in charge of getting the groceries?

Tantric philosophy believes that we can do both. Sally Kempton articulates it so well here in Shakti Awakening.

Note: Think of Parvati and Shiva as different aspects of yourself. Shiva being the seeker and Parvati being the householder.

“Parvati and Shiva hold a creative tension of opposites. He represents the eternal drive for freedom, the yogi’s need to disentangle himself from the world; she represents the feminine drive toward expressive fullness–emotion, rhythm, even the creative flow of thoughts.

When Shiva–who stands for everything that is antithetical to society–unites with Parvati and creates a household life, they are making an enormous statement. Their partnership resolves one of the most embedded dualities in culture: the duality between life in the world and life of the spirit. In Indian life as well as in the Christian mysticism there has always been an opposition between the ascetic yogi, who withdraws from the world in order to realize his nature as spirit, and the householder, entangled in domesticity. Traditionally, the demands of the world, epitomized by family life, are diametrically opposed…

In the Tantric path, however, this dichotomy is transcended. World life and spiritual life, spirit and flesh, are recognized not as duality, but as manifestations of the same power, which is Shakti. The Vijnana Bhairava describes a practice where you discover the ecstasy of the ultimate reality by going into the throbbing heart of pleasure, inside the joy of sex, of song, of delicious food, then meditating on the ‘perfect condition of that joy’ until the supreme bliss reveals itself…

Tantra is the Goddess’s path, which means that it is for people who know how to use the physical and imagined worlds as doorways into the ultimate, as well as for world delight. The Goddess is the mistress of these worlds as she is of the physical world, which is why at the heart of Tantric practices there is a deep respect for the feminine as spiritual authority. In Tantric Quest [one of my favorite books of all time!], Daniel Odier’s teacher tells a story about how a group of hermits debated all day about whether the ultimate truth is a self or a non-self. Finally, one of the ascetics says that the argument can only be resolved by a dakini, a women practitioner. The yogini then goes into meditation on the nondual oneness between self and non-self, and in the space of presence that opens up in the circle, all agree that the discussion has been resolved. They recognize that spirit is not higher than matter, nor is matter devoid of self. Instead, it is the nature of spirit to creatively express itself in form, just as it is the nature of silence to express itself in sound.

The is the recognition that arises out of the union of Shiva and Parvati. Parvati is Shiva’s capacity to express himself in action.Without her, he is simply inactive, iner. Parvati, in scholar David Kinsley’s words, ‘not only compliments Shiva, she completes him.’



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Lakshmi goddess

I’ve never been drawn to Lakshmi as I am to Durga and Kali. Lakshmi is more widely known as the goddess of abundance, fertility and the ‘ideal wife’. Unlike Durga and Kali who are fierce warriors who step in when the going gets tough, pretty much kicking butt wherever they go, Lakshmi is a bit too demure…or so I thought. I came across this and my thoughts of this archetype have shifted. It’s always nice to have a shift of perspective…I thought I’d share. 🙂


“Lakshmi is the goddess energy who preserves life. In Tantric nature cosmology, she is the nourishing, cooling power of soma, or moon-nectar, that balances the fiery, lightning-like Shakti of Kali and the blazing solar energy of Durga. Soma was the drink of the gods, and supposedly it contained the power to give immortality. It was one of the substances churned up from the Milky Ocean, along with Lakshmi herself. According to Ayurveda, the traditional medical science of India, soma appears in the body as ojas, a vital essence found in bone marrow. Ojas conveys vitality. Sexuality and meditation both draw their power from ojas. It’s connected with rejuvenation (interestingly, the bone marrow is where stem cells are found); it’s also the subtle substance that can cool the body when kundalini Shakti is manifesting in a fiery, Kali-like fashion. Lakshmi’s Shakti is life sustaining both in the physical and subtle realms. She is, subtly speaking, the water of life and the subtle nectar that moistens the heart.

Lakshmi is an ancient goddess. The Vedic singers praised her under her most ancient name, Shri, and sang the ‘Hymn of Shri’ (Shri Sukta) to bring forth whatever is glorious and beautiful in the natural world. Besides being a name of Lakshmi, shri is an abstract noun that signifies all the qualities associated with auspiciousness: good fortune, lovingkindness, material prosperity, physical health, beauty, purity of motive, well-being, authority, energy, vitality, and every kind of radiance.”

Sally Kempton, Awakening Shakti




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Personal Cuirasses – armour

Personal Cuirasses

I’m rereading one of my favorite books of all time, Tantric Quest. In it, the author goes on a spiritual quest to learn about Kashmir Shivaism. He meets a tantrika who teaches him the philosophy. This passage makes my bones sing. I truly believe that this is a great illusion we’re feeding ourselves. If we just stay open and willing, the armor (curiasses) will crack and the light of our true nature will be seen.

Hari Aum.


“The play of purusha [spirit] and prakriti [matter] is limited by the action of these six tattvas called the six cuirasses. They are time, space, lack, limited knowledge, limited creativity and overall illusion.

This is extremely important point of Shivaism, since the consciousness is founded on and set free by these cuirasses, and that’s enlightenment or awakening. These cuirasses are like veils that prevent a spontaneous view of the self. Without them there would be no practice, no search. Everything would appear to us in its absolute nature.

The first cuirass is that of being subject to the illusion that time exists and that we are bound by it. This illusion fixes us within a limited time frame. It gives us the impression that time passes. After awakening, one discovers with wonder a new terrain where nothing is subject to time. It’s like waking up after a bad dream and realizing that this restriction was artificially imposed upon consciousness…That’s the first breath of awakening. It gives back a vitality, a color, and a clarity to everything seen outside of time.

The second cuirass is that which makes us believe we are subject to the illusion of space and that we are located there…After awakening, we realize suddenly that we are omnipresent…We are everywhere. There’s no point in space that is not our center…Once the boundaries of the ego shatter, the divine returns to the divine, energy to energy, space to space, the heart to the heart. Then anything is possible but nothing is certain…The highest Tantric teachings say that fundamentally there is no birth and no death, only the illusion…The debate over annihilation or eternal life is something adepts transcend as soon as they recognize the nature of their own minds.

The third cuirass is the illusion of believing that we lack something, that we are not whole. This is the illusion that pushes us to always be searching for a way, a teaching, a practice, one realization after another. It’s the one that pushes us beyond the Self. It’s the one that makes us unhappy, that makes us keep looking for new ways to be complete…Knowing this, the master invites the disciple to stop all external searching. No route leads to the Self. The true Tantric teacher is not me, nor some other; it’s the Self. There’s nothing to find out there. Everything divine that we look for out there is in us. To realize that is to find freedom.

The fourth cuirass is the illusion of believing that what we can know, what we apprehend of the absolute, is limited. We torture ourselves. We want to experience awakening…We are like a maharaja who owns unlimited land and walks along the wall that surrounds his palaces, mistaking himself for a beggar. No on would give him anything to eat for fear of insulting him or being punished. We have such thirst for knowledge that we are fooled by our power to know. It focuses on the exterior and deceives us with the illusion that we are going to find what we lack. Divine knowledge doesn’t grow by accumulation. The more you try to pile knowledge and experience, the more you paralyze your consciousness. Let’s abandon this knowledge. It inflates pride. When I say intelligence is not the way, I don’t mean to say intelligence must be rejected. I am simply saying that intelligence which accomplishes anything appears unsolicited. In tranquility it shines like a diamond. Let us return simply to the source of our consciousness and find there the treasure we sought on the outside. It’s enough to sit down, to forget books and discussion, to direct our attention toward the heart. There the divine is found. There is the place of respiration where our breath mingles naturally. The infinite is no more than that harmonious breathing, free of all thought.

The fifth cuirass is the illusion we harbor in believing our creativity is limited, sometimes even doubting that we possess the least trace of it. That’s what pushes us to revere what others produce. To have beauty flow past us isn’t enough. This urge, which can open us up to our unlimited creativity, is restrained by the idea that we aren’t capable of such splendor. We remain without a voice, the ribcage is constricted, overwhelmed by the beauty of the world. If we truly breathed, this cuirass would explode, and the object of our admiration would no longer be found in duality. The beauty of the world would then be ours. Mystical ecstasy is just this sudden explosion of the small me, which recognizes the divine Self. Everything gathered up in the consciousness is then projected into the infinite, and one can cry out in joy because in this moment all the beauty of world becomes part of the Self.

The five cuirasses are surrounded by a supreme cuirass, which is that of maya, illusion, in its own nature, which welds these different protective plates together and insures their artificial cohesion. We are decorated like fighting elephants, forever goaded by their driver. We advance with all our weight to get through life, never ceasing to battle. But one day, the battle takes a turn that leaves us covered with poisoned arrows. A young girl brings us something to drink…She bathes us in the river, and suddenly we find our grace, our lightness, our beauty again. So nothing stops us from spontaneously grasping the divine in ourselves. What we don’t know is that the smallest experience can be just this miraculous meeting with the small girl. So little can suffice. The scent of a flower, an open look, a breeze brushing against us–and suddenly the most solid of the cuirasses cracks, and through this gap all reality penetrates us, freeing us forever from gravity and separation.”

Daniel Odier, Tantric Quest




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Kali Morning Thought

Kali morning thought

The stories of Hindu Gods and Goddesses are so fascinating that you would be surprised by every deity and every event in the scriptures. The goddess Kali is one of the strongest Hindu goddesses. Being the destroyer of evil, Kali is worshipped by different tantric sets. Kali bestows liberation to the world and she is the one who is the protector of the world. The goddess Kali is worshipped by all Hindus and the idol shows that she is standing on Lord Shiva who is prostrating beneath her. There are many legends about Kali and all of them are of valour and protection.

One legend states that Kali killed an entire group of thieves on her own. These thieves found a Brahmin monk and wanted to sacrifice her to Kali. However, the monk had so much radiance on his face that it burned Kali’s image. Kali then took human form and killed all the thieves and drank their blood.

Kali’s Forms

Kali has two most portrayed forms. One of them is the four-armed form which is most popular. The Mahakali form of Kali is the one with ten arms. In some art, she is blue while in others, she is black in color. In all images, her eyes are red and filled with rage. Sometimes, she is shown naked while at other times, she is shown wearing a skirt that is made up of human arms.

The garland that she is wearing is made of human heads. She stands on a calm Shiva and there are serpents around her. In her ten-armed for, she has ten feet, ten faces and three eyes on each head. She is wearing ornaments on all her limbs. According to Kalika Purana, Kali has a dark complexion and is riding a lion. She holds a sword and is extremely beautiful.

Kali as God

Even though her physical appearance might seem a bit terrible, Kali is very kind at heart. She is one of the most loving of all the goddesses. Her devotees call her ‘Ma’ or the other of everything in the whole universe. Since she is so fearless, she also seems as the protector of the universe.



Endings and Beginning


“I sing praises to those whose hearts accept the universal order, which only appears to be chaotic and ever-changing. In actuality, everything is designed down to the smallest detail, to be in perfect operation. The dance of the universe is a happy one, with energy swirling and twirling in a never-ending celebration of life itself. Join this dance, dear one, and enjoy the remarkable journey of the weavings of the story of your life. Do not fear what appears to be change or loss. It’s only the transitioning orbit of energy interplaying with you and your loved ones. Embrace it as evidence that you’re alive! Embrace your deepest emotions as a signal of your true human essence!”


Sooooo nice to be back in front of my altar. Picked this gem this morning from #goddessguidance. Thought I’d share.

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Yantra Meditation

Yandra meditation

I came across this and wanted to share it with you…


Yantra Meditation

As you look at the yantra, allow your eyes to focus on its center. This dot in the center is called the Bindu, which represents the unity that underlies all the diversity of the physical world.

Now allow your eyes to see the triangle that encloses the bindu. The downward pointing triangle represents the feminine creative power, while the upward facing triangle represents male energy.

Allow your vision to expand to include the circles outside of the triangles. They represent the cycles of cosmic rhythms. The image of the circle embodies the notion that time has no beginning and no end. The farthest region of space and the innermost nucleus of an atom both pulsate with the same rhythmic energy of creation. That rhythm is within you and without you.
Bring your awareness to lotus petals outside the circle. Notice that they are pointing outwards, as if opening. They illustrate the unfolding of our understanding. The lotus also represents the heart, the seat of the Self. When the heart opens, understanding comes.

The square at the outside of the yantra represents the world of form, the material world that our senses show us, the illusion of separateness, of well defined edges and boundaries. At the periphery of the figure are four T-shaped portals, or gateways. Notice that they point toward the interior of the yantra, the inner spaces of life. They represent our earthly passage from the external and material to the internal and sacred.

Now take a moment to gaze into the yantra, letting the different shapes and patterns emerge naturally, allowing your eyes to be held loosely in focus. Gaze at the center of the yantra on the page. Without moving your eyes, gradually begin to expand your field of vision. Continue expanding your vision until you are taking in information from greater than 180 degrees. Notice that all this information was there all along, you just became aware of it. Now slowly reverse the process by re-focusing back to the center of the yantra. Now gently close your eyes. You may still see the yantra in your mind’s eye. The patterns of creativity represented by these primordial shapes express the fundamental forces of nature. They govern the world and they govern you.



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I Belong Here

I belong here

To create balance and calmness in your life, you have to go towards yoga as meditating allows you to just calm down for some time and get in touch with yourself. There are many teachers around the world who instil this calmness in their student through yoga. Lorin Roche is a teacher of this living tradition. According to Shiva Rea, he is a champion at this as he helps awaken consciousness in his students. Even though yoga is an Eastern concept, Roche brought it to the Western world. If you have found a connection with the world of Rumi and Hafiz, you will be fond of Roche’s words too.

Lorin Roche’s Writings

He writes about everything that you need to look for in yourself. As human beings, we often forget that we are a representation of his whole universe. There is a universe inside every single one of us and Roche’s profound verses help you in looking for these parts of you. His poetry is filled with an insight into the divine things and the importance of meditation for personal development.

Lorin started his journey when he was just 18 years of age. He worked alongside people who were doing a research project on meditation and its physiology. Being the control group of this research, he had to sit and do nothing. For many weeks, his brain waves were studies. During this time, he entered a state that is called intense alertness. Later, he read a book 112 Meditation Practices and he was delighted to find out that he had similar experiences in the lab. The same book also introduced him to yoga text from centuries ago.

Lorin Roche’s ‘Belong’

Roche talks about the importance of your heart. It is the centre of your body where everything comes together. If you want to look for a person, his heart is where you would find his. This is where the senses, mind and soul come together. Even though so much is happening in the heart, this is where you will find a spot to rest. If you are looking for a sense of regal steadiness, it is in your heart. Once you find the way to your heart, you will be called towards it again and again because that is where you Belong.

The One Who Is at Play Everywhere says,

There is a space in the heart
Where everything meets.
Come here if you want to find me.
Mind, senses, soul, eternity–all are here.
Are you here?

Enter the bowl of vastness that is the heart.
Listen to the sound that is always resonating.
Give yourself to it with total abandon.
Quiet ecstasy is here–

And a steady, regal sense
Of resting in a perfect spot.

You who are the embodiment of blessing,
Once you know the way,
The nature of attention will call you to return.
Again and again, answer that call,
And be saturated with knowing,
“I belong here, I am at home.”


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