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What Does Your Shadow Look Like?

Hola! Do you remember the moment when Peter Pan discovered his shadow? He wanted it to stop following him and it wouldn’t. Sometimes we do

What’s Your Mantra This Season?

Hola! How are you feeling right now? Close your eyes, drop down into your belly and take 5 deep breaths. Now ask again – how

Soften Into What’s Happening

Hello, friends! This week’s mantra in Clara’s life, yep mine, has been — “Soften into what is happening. Stop resisting”. I’ve had to make peace with

September Is Here— Are You?

Hello, friends! On my way to teach this afternoon, I was musing on a theme for the class. What came to me was how practical

My Mantra This Week

Hello, friends! How others decide to be is none of my business, nor should it affect the way I want to show up in the

Where Do You Seek Answers?

Hello, friends! How do you want to show up in the world? How would you like to be seen? What values do you think are

Do You See Me?

Hello, friends! This week has been a week of relating — relating and reflecting. I started watching a new TV series, Normal People. It’s a coming-of-age