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I Am Unlocking

Hello, friends! I am unlocking. A friend sent me a satellite emoji in our text chat today, explaining that this describes where she is right

Manifestations of May

Hello, friends! Here’s my manifestation of May – Into May we go! May we move from our creative force (Shakti). May we divine from our

To Unfurling In Our Own Time

Hello, friends! Welcome to the end. The end of this month’s challenge — the obvious one — ENERGIZE. I don’t always think out why I

All The Treasures

Hello, friends! Sometimes when I’m looking for inspiration, I head over to the ole bookshelf and scan for a book that speaks to me. This

New Home, New Me — JK

Hello, friends! Dunno what your week has been like but it’s been a roller coaster ride of emotions over here. Who says kids are the

My Sanctuary

Hello, friends! My home is my sanctuary. Not only is it the place I decompress and nourish myself, but it also gives me the foundation

How Do You Want To Live?

Hello, friends! I just finished watching Blackbird last night. As of late, I only watch about 20-30 minutes of movies at a time these days. I’m either

Here Comes the Sun!

Hello, friends! Here comes the sun! This Sunday marks the halfway mark between the darkest and brightest day of the year—the Spring Equinox. What does that

Learning In My Discomfort

Hello, friends! I saw a dance performance this week that moved me – both in good and not-so-good ways. A lecture by Louise Hay started

The Awakening

Hi, friends! Yesterday I woke up, and I felt like I could do it again. I could get up and keep going. Prior to that

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