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Deity Yoga Series – Day 6

Your Classes of the day: Come Back (40-min) Vinyasa  Enjoy a full body flow that works with oblique and back body strengthening to prepare you

Deity Yoga Series – Day 5

Your Classes of the day: Kali Myth & Mantra (17-mins) Meditation Listen to the mythology of Kali Maa, Goddess of the Revolution. In this short

Deity Yoga Series – Day 4

Your Classes of the day: Cut Through Ignorance (42-min) Vinyasa A strong vinyasa strengthens the glutes, core stabilizers, abdominals, and inner thighs; this class includes

Deity Yoga Series – Day 3

Your Classes of the day: Asteya (22-min) Slow Flow Enjoy a smooth slow flow class that treats the hip flexors, glutes, and hamstrings; this class

Deity Yoga Series – Day 2

Your Classes Of The Day: Brahmacharya (21-min) Slow Flow Enjoy a simple slow flow that gets into the hips and all sides of the pelvis

Deity Yoga Series – Day 1

Your Classes of the day: Constantly Changing (60-mins) Vinyasa Clear a space against a wall for practice as we work with an L-shaped handstand at

December Deity Yoga Series

Hi friend! I’m so happy you want to join us for a month of mythology and movement to express the Gods and Goddesses of the

Where Do Assumptions Get Me?

Hello friends –  The Vancouver International Film Festival is on right now. I went and saw Smoke Sauna Sisterhood this week, an Estonian film about a group

Back From Summer

Hello! It’s been 2 months since I sent my last musing and what a time I have had! There have been many firsts with Karmen – road

Dig Into Your Heart

It’s been a rich month. There was more movement for me this month, travel movement. I went to Kelowna and taught a few workshops. I

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