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Your Tools to Transform

Your Essentials Guidebook Contains Practices to Let Go and Surrender

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Your Booklet Includes:

  • The significance of the seasons according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  • Ayurvedic recipes and how to eat for your dosha. 

  • Interview with TCM practitioner and Japanese Acupuncturist Alix Jean. 

  • The flavor profile for autumn, emotion, and how to work with this energy through yoga & meditation. 

Your Autumn Equinox Essentials Guidebook contains yoga classes, recipes, and writing prompts to help you navigate change.

If you’re transitioning in your career or personal life, this booklet provides 10 practices that may help you move with change.

Autumn is associated with grief, letting go, and surrender. 

Clara Roberts-Oss and Stephanie Trembath created the Autumn Essentials Guidebook to share the practices that support personal growth and acceptance. 

Phases of strife and sadness are part of the creative cycle. May this booklet provide tools that aid your transformation as you navigate the seasons. 

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