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Awaken Your Inner Divinity

In life, we all come across times and situations where we are at a battle with ourselves. This is when we are introduced to our inner selves. In today’s society, everyone is so busy fixing the exterior that they forget to take a look at the interior when it is actually the interior which is more important.

Understanding Inner Divinity

The concept of inner divinity might sound vague to some while others might feel the need to learn more about how it affects physical aspects of one’s life. Inner divinity is not the same for everyone. it a personal or individual trait which differs from person to person depending on the life experiences and upbringing they have gone through. God is a deity that is above all but as humans, we might face some difficulty connecting with him because we are not guided on how to do this properly.

It is not that hard to connect with your inner divinity. God is close to you than your jugular vein. He is within you. You just have to look within yourself. You are not just your physical appearance, your mind or emotions but you are so much more than that. It is very easy to ignore or even forget, in some cases, the existence of this inner self but you cannot attain the highest levels of self-awareness without touching on your inner divinity. Different cultures, religions and nations have their own methods of getting to this place. As an individual, you can also find what works in the best way for you.

Awakening your Inner Divinity

There is no specific rule to awaken your inner divinity or a path that you must follow. According to Alchemy, you have to look into the deepest layers of the Earth. When you reach them, you have to perfect them. That is when you will find the Philosopher’s Stone. On the other hand, some psychologists say that you have to look inside yourself.

There are parts of you that only you know about. Most of the times, these parts are wounded so you do not put them on display. You do not want the world to look at them because they are not perfect. Your job is to find these parts and perfect them. When you succeed in perfecting these parts of yourself, you will be able to attain inner divinity. There is no need to follow the instructions that have already been written by those before you. You can set your own guidelines and follow them to a point where you feel fully satisfied with your inner self.

The alchemists said the magic formula for enlightenment was ‘Vista Inferiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem’, or ‘Seek out the lower reaches of the earth, perfect them, and you will find the hidden stone’ (the treasured Philosopher’s Stone). Jungian psychologists might describe the process this way: Find the ignorant, wounded parts of your psyche, perfect them, and you will awaken your inner divinity.

–Rob Breszney, Pronoia.


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