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Best Online Yoga Classes on Practice with Clara 2022

We analyzed the past 365 days on Practice with Clara Virtual Yoga Studio to see what our members chose as the best online yoga classes of 2022! 

Each year, we send out a short survey to members to learn about the content that will encourage our community to live their yoga on and off the mat. 

We use this information to create the calendar of yoga classes, lectures, and training for the coming year with the analytics we gather from uscreen, the platform we use to host all the videos on Practice with Clara. 

Keep reading to see how we will integrate our community feedback to create the best online yoga classes in 2023! 

Table of Contents:

  • Best of Practice with Clara Virtual Yoga Studio
    • Top 10 watched videos on the platform.
    • Top Livestream events of 2022.
    • Most watched collections. 
    • Most watched classes for beginners. 
    • Most watched classes that explore peak postures.
    • Most watched classes if you’re tight on time. 
    • Top countries on Practice with Clara. 
  • Year Of Yoga Survey
    • How members want to receive information and updates on events.
    • Member preferred styles of yoga in 2022.
    • Members preferred styles of yoga in 2033. 
  • Community Responses from the Survey:
    • Why do you do yoga?
    • What’s missing from your practice today?
    • How can Practice with Clara help you do yoga every day? 
    • What do you want to learn? 
    • What training are you interested in? 
    • What topics do you want to explore? 
    • What is your ideal length for a virtual program? 
  • Practice with Clara’s Focus for 2023
    • Motivational prompts and accountability. 
    • Educational content. 
    • On-demand programs. 
    • Virtual Workshops. 
    • Personal feedback from Clara.
I think the community on Practice with Clara really good at creating accountability and an atmosphere of curiosity, learning, and engagement. This all helps me with my goals. So keep doing what you're doing where that's concerned.
PWC Member
Year of Yoga 2022

Best Online Yoga Classes – 2022 

These are analytics from Uscreen – the platform we use to host the videos on Practice with Clara Virtual Yoga Studio.

What this tells us: 
  • Our members prefer short, dynamic vinyasa practices. 
  • Yoga Nidra is consistently a class favorite (and a great way to unwind!) 
  • 20-60 minutes are the most-watched classes on the site. 
  • A mix of old and new class content are watched by members. 
Top Livestream Events of 2022:
  • Ignite Yoga Challenge Kick-Off Class 
  • Ignite Yoga Challenge Raffle Live Class
  • Ignite Yoga Challenge Closing Class
What this tells us: 
  • Yoga Challenges are a great way to motivate people to do yoga every day. 
  • Members enjoy coming together to open and close the yoga challenge. 
  • Participants showed up for the month of on-demand and Livestream class options. 

Join us for Ignite 30-Day Virtual Yoga Challenge 2023 – this event is FREE for all new and current Practice with Clara members!

I like the accountability and the challenges. It helps me stay motivated. I also like the check-ins you do with it and how you let us know where you're at with it as well.
PWC Member
Year of Yoga 2022
What this tells us: 
  • Vinyasa is the predominantly practiced and searched style of yoga. 
  • Members want short classes.
  • Members seek educational content, advanced sequencing and postures, and tips to develop their practice and create a space for students. 
Best Classes if You’re Tight on Time: 

Top 3 Countries on Practice with Clara: 

  • US

Year of Yoga Survey – 2022

We gathered over 200 responses in our annual Year of Yoga Survey. Here’s what the community had to say about their experience of Practice with Clara Virtual Yoga Studio. 

How members source information on upcoming events: 
  1. Newsletter.
  2. Instagram.
  3. Practice with Clara Website. 
Members preferred styles of yoga: 
  • Vinyasa 
  • Slow Flow 
  • Hatha
Members want more:
  • Meditation 
  • Yin 
  • Mantra 
What keeps me coming back is the content, adding and organizing the classes. The zoom class option (I even like hearing the replay audio corrections because I always need the same ones). I like special events--I loved the Goddess lectures last year.
PWC Member
Year of Yoga 2022

Responses from the Year of Yoga Survey

Review the questions and most-common responses from our survey of Practice with Clara Members in 2022.

  • Why do you do yoga?
    To connect to myself.
  • What’s missing from your practice today?
    Consistency and commitment.
  • How can we help?
    Better organization of content. 
  • How do you want to learn?  
    A mix of live workshops and on-demand content. 
  • What training are you interested in?  
    200 + 300-hour programs. 
  • What topics do you want to explore?
    Anatomy, philosophy, bandhas, peak poses, tips for teachers. 
  • What is your ideal length for a virtual program?
    3-7 days. 
I'm already hooked and will continue to subscribe. What motivates me to continue with this subscription is: • Clara's teaching style and variety of practices. • The monthly themes for practice. • Clara integrates philosophy and movement in her practices while being approachable and genuine. • The portability of the app. • The ability to save my favorites.
PWC Member
Year of Yoga 2022

Our Top 5 Areas of Focus for the New Year of Yoga

  1. Motivational prompts.
  2. Educational content. 
  3. (Free) on-demand programs.
  4. Virtual workshops. 
  5. Personal feedback from Clara.

1. Motivational Prompts.

The Daily Email contains the yoga class of the day plus motivational prompts, tips for reflection, and encouragement from Clara. 

The daily email was born out of the desire to help hold practitioners accountable to their practice AND features themes that yolk the yoga classes with unique content to supplement the practices. 

The other ways we encourage our community to show up are through the Community Board on the website and mobile apps. The community board is where we post the daily journaling questions and other prompts for self-reflection. We hope the prompts help students take their yoga off the mat and into their community through the inquiry and optional homework! 

Members also have the option to receive the motivational mantra of the day by turning on their phone’s push notifications to get the daily mantra associated with the yoga class. The notifications are mini ‘dharma talks’ from Clara that coincide with the daily yoga class. 

I like those classes where Clara offers a thought, a poem, or some kind of inspiration/theme at the practice's beginning and returns to it throughout the class. This kind of wholehearted and holistic practice, married with her authenticity and kindness, keeps me coming back and makes me look forward to time on the mat.
PWC Member
Year of Yoga 2022

2. Educational Content. 

As one of our core values at Practice with Clara, we’re offering educational lectures to all new and current members.

In addition to the movement practices, the educational lectures showcase a range of subjects from wellness experts. Some of our past hosts include Dr. Keema Sheild, Dr. Paul Ochoa, Ramesh Tarun Narine (RMT), and Erin Moon (Anatomy Teacher and Yoga Therapist)

The lectures are live with the option to watch the on-demand replay. Each session is roughly 60 minutes, with time for a Q&A period with the guest speaker for students to interact with the material. Homework, booklets, presentations, and take-home reading and audio material are included depending on the presentation. 

Our first lecture was in November 2022 on the Anatomy of Backbends with Dr. Paul Ochoa
In addition to the monthly workshops, the Seeker’s Membership was rolled out in 2022.

This membership provides seasoned practitioners with an exclusive playlist that contains on-demand yoga teacher training, live workshops with Clara and special guests, and on-demand replays of all Seeker video content. 

To see all the benefits of being a Seeker, and activate your membership, visit the Seeker Page.

Each month, Seekers receive access to a 2-hour workshop with Clara on a subject related to yoga, including but not limited to anatomy, philosophy, and vinyasa yoga sequencing. 

Our initial workshops for Seekers include the Sun Salutations Series with Part 1 + Part 2. The following two sessions are scheduled for January and February of 2023. 

The Seeker workshops are on the second Saturday of each month from 10-12pm PST. 

Non-Seekers can rent the on-demand replays of the workshops to learn about the material for 72 hours or join the Seekers to take the training and engage with advanced practitioners and teachers worldwide!

The Seeker Membership means more guidance to build my own business/practice!
PWC Member
Year of Yoga 2022

3. On-Demand Programs. 

In addition to the monthly yoga series, we offer new and current members the option to join a mini-series that covers a specific topic.

The programs range from three, seven, and ten days to accommodate the material. The programs are entirely on-demand, with live class options for participants to learn at their own pace and fit the program into their schedule. 

In December 2022, we featured a 10-day chakra course and covered each of the seven chakras located along the spine. Participants received a daily email with two yoga classes, the bija seed mantra for the chakra, journaling prompts, optional homework, live class invitations, and podcast/ book recommendations to supplement the program. 

See the upcoming programs and events for new and current Practice with Clara Members here

New members can join any upcoming program with the 7-day free trial. 

Community and connection with Clara and the other practitioners/teachers in the community. I love, love, love the live practices with Clara and the discussions.
PWC Member
Year of Yoga 2022

4. Virtual Programs. 

Each month, Practice with Clara members can join the on-demand and virtual yoga classes PLUS the live workshops to engage with Clara or a special guest lecturer.

The workshops also include break-out rooms to engage with the material with the community of yoga students and teachers. 

The virtual workshops are on the third Saturday of each month for roughly 60 minutes. 

Upcoming topics include:

See all upcoming virtual programs and events of 2023 on the Event Page

I appreciate the quick morning practices. You guys engage the community with the monthly practices and have workbooks. I guess something like that- curated processes that last at least a week with materials.
PWC Member
Year of Yoga 2022

5. Personal Feedback from Clara. 

Many of those surveyed said they wanted more 1:1 time with Clara, so we shifted the weekly Saturday 9am Vinyasa Yoga class to Zoom.

For members, there is the option of joining Clara for the monthly 60-minute workshop, and for Seekers, there is the option to join the 2-hour workshop. 

We provide four different ways for members to practice online with Clara: 
  • Zoom 
  • Livestream 
  • Audio-only 
  • On-demand 

This allows participants the flexibility of taking a class on their preferred schedule AND the option to do a class with Clara online. 

The Zoom classes are a way for students to receive verbal modifications and alignment tips if they choose to leave their cameras on. 

The Livestream offers a way to practice online with Clara and the global community. 

Audio-only classes give students a break from the screen and allow them to drop into their bodies and breath. This method relies entirely on the cues, as there is no video to watch. It will help practitioners get comfortable developing their practice without watching someone demonstrate the postures. 

The on-demand classes are ideal for those who want to practice at their own schedule. 

To see all the options to take a yoga class, check out the Live Class Playlist on Practice with Clara, and check the class’s date, location, and style! 

The other opportunity we’ve rolled out is the ability to mentor with Clara in 1:1 feedback sessions where participants may bring questions regarding yoga anatomy, philosophy, sequencing, business, building relationships, and sustaining community online and in person. 

Mentorship opportunities are available through the Seeker Membership, OR you can book with Clara by filling out your preferred date on the calendar

Seraphina Dawn

Seraphina has a BA in Literature from Simone Fraser University and participated in the Creative Writing Program at UC Berkeley. She is a Kundalini teacher, writer, and poet. She admires Clarice Lispector’s prose, Octavia Butler’s fiction, and Simone Weil's philosophy. Seraphina currently lives in Istanbul. 


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