One of my favorite pranayams to help wake up the senses, focus the mind and anyone can do it.

It’s a cross between deep Ujayi breathing and cat cow.

As you inhale deeply, lift your sternum. As you exhale, knit the front ribs towards the back body and engage Mula Bandha (lift the pelvic floor). You inhale and exhale evenly and very deeply. Find a rhythm and stay with it. I’ve been taught to do it in 3 rounds, first one for 9, second for 7, third for 5. After your last exhale in each round, retain the breath on the exhale and engage Maha Bandha (All 3 bandhas-mula, uddiyana and jalandhara) for as long as it feels comfortable in your own body.

If you are on the first three days of your moon/pregnant, do Bhastrika slower. Do not retain kumbacha for too long with pregnancy without engaging the bandhas). If on your moon,  you can retain but do not engage uddiyana bandha as it draws the energy up and you’re flow is trying to move downwards.

What are Bandhas?

I found this to be a great explanation….



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