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Mantra & Mudra

This month, our focus at Practice With Clara was peak poses. We created big shapes in our bodies and felt all the feelings of those

Clara Roberts-Oss in Baddha Konasana

How Do We Translate?

February 17, 2024 I just took an online class from a teacher I love from NYC. It was a pre recorded class. I had never

Spring Equinox 2024

Spring Equinox 2024

Awakening, rebirth, unfurling, melting, breaking through, bringing forth, fertility. As I sat to prepare for today’s class,…



Health and Wellness

10 Tactile Ways to Nourish Yourself

Revitalizing the body may be as simple as a few deep breaths in the outdoors. It could be indulging in a sumptuous beverage with friends

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11 Chair Yoga Poses for Low Back Pain

Chair Yoga Poses are great for beginners, those recovering from injury, or those with lower back sensitivity.  In this chair yoga poses practice, you’ll move


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