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What’s Your Process?

Hola! As I was getting ready to sit down and write my weekly musing, I got up, ate a snack, watered the plants, and loaded

Leaning Into It

Hola! This week has been full of pee and poo; most of it hasn’t been mine. It has been a FULL on mother week. Daylight

As We Near Our Invisible Destination

Hola. A prayer and poem for you as we enter the last month of the year… At The End Of The Year by John O’Donohue As this year draws to its end, We give thanks for the gifts it brought And how they became inlaid within Where neither time

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Health and Wellness

10 Tactile Ways to Nourish Yourself

Revitalizing the body may be as simple as a few deep breaths in the outdoors. It could be indulging in a sumptuous beverage with friends

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