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Vinyasa Yoga Class Quote

All the Hemispheres

Born between 1310 and 1325, Shamseddin Mohammad was a Persian poet known by his pen name, Hafiz or Hafez. Some claim that this name was

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Clara Roberts Oss in vinyasa yoga pose

Rest, it’s important

“The longer we live, the more experiences we accumulate. Some are pleasing, some are relatively neutral, and others are unpleasantly stressful. Left unresolved, all negative

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Clara Roberts Oss yoga retreats

The goal is the technique

“Meditation…is simply the creation of space in which we are able to expose and undo our neurotic games, our self deceptions, our hidden fears and

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Vinyasa yoga teacher training

Yoga Class Etiquette

The biggest thing to remember is the yoga room is many people’s sanctuary, so be mindful of how you enter, move through and leave the

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Passion vs Curiosity

“I am a big advocate for the pursuit of curiosity. You’ve maybe heard me talk about this before? We are constantly being told to pursue

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Nowadays, we have made our lives so complicated and so busy with everything that we do. Social media takes a toll on your mental health

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