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A beautiful take on Mindfulness

Mindfulness I love coming across beautiful and simple ways to describe…well…just about anything. I found this in Donna Farhi’s awesome book “The Breathing Book” and

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Just Breathe by young girl

Just breathe

Some simple and oh-so true words…. I hope they inspire you to breathe Clara   “Breathing affects your respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological, gastrointestinal, muscular, and psychic

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While there are many treatments for physical treating your body, you need to meditate to train your mind. Just like you do exercise for your

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Yuppers yoga playlist

Yoga Playlist-Yuppers

Yoga is one of those practices that is beneficial for all five of your senses and let you connect with yourself. From spiritual wellness to

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Clara Roberts Oss yoga retreats


Bhastrika One of my favorite pranayams to help wake up the senses, focus the mind and anyone can do it. It’s a cross between deep

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House yoga playlist

House Yoga Playlist

When you think of a yoga playlist, some soothing, slow songs come to your mind. But it does not always have to be this way.

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spring equinox

Spring Equinox

There are different natural events throughout the year that mark some important times in the earth’s journey around the Sun. the Spring Equinox occurs twice

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