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Too much effort

It is very easy to find comfort in a fixed state. The reason why most people are resistant to change is that they are comfortable

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Enlightenment is _______

One of my favorite topics of discussion, enlightenment. I find the term used frivolously within the spiritual community but rarely dissected. When asked what it

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online yoga classes healing 108 meaning


The Mystic Meaning of the Number 108 Throughout history, the number 108 has held a multi-dimensional meaning.  In geometric terms it is a natural division

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Japanese yoga funny vid

Japanese Yoga

The beauty of yoga is that different cultures and regions have been using it the way they find it best. Yoga is a broad concept

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equal vision quote

Equal Vision

“Having equal vision means you don’t see anybody as low or high. To you both thief and police officer are equal. You don’t see the

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Lakshmi goddess


I’ve never been drawn to Lakshmi as I am to Durga and Kali. Lakshmi is more widely known as the goddess of abundance, fertility and

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Yoga Playlist-Banks

Yoga Playlist-Banks

There are different kinds of exercises in yoga and it depends on the yoga teacher which exercises they are doing that day. If you are

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Kali morning thought

Kali Morning Thought

The stories of Hindu Gods and Goddesses are so fascinating that you would be surprised by every deity and every event in the scriptures. The

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Yandra meditation

Yantra Meditation

I came across this and wanted to share it with you…   Yantra Meditation As you look at the yantra, allow your eyes to focus

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I belong here

I Belong Here

To create balance and calmness in your life, you have to go towards yoga as meditating allows you to just calm down for some time

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Breadcrumbs in dark times

Breadcrumbs in Dark Times

A great article I came across thanks to the lovely Julia McCabe….. Breadcrumbs in Dark Times: any minute now, everything will change. By Shavawn M.

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Peace mantra

Peace Mantra

Peace Mantra AUM saha navavatu, saha nau bhunaktu Saha veeryam karvaavahai Tejasvi naa vadhita mastu maa vid vishaa va hai AUM shaantih, shaantih, shaantih. Meaning

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