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A note from Clara with the latest yoga events, yoga teacher training, and recommendations in music, literature, and podcasts.

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Where Do Assumptions Get Me?

Hello friends –  The Vancouver International Film Festival is on right now. I went and saw Smoke Sauna Sisterhood this week, an Estonian film about a group

Back From Summer

Hello! It’s been 2 months since I sent my last musing and what a time I have had! There have been many firsts with Karmen – road

Dig Into Your Heart

It’s been a rich month. There was more movement for me this month, travel movement. I went to Kelowna and taught a few workshops. I

A Woman With Many Hats

I just finished writing my power point presentation for the Business of Yoga tomorrow. If you told me I would be doing such a thing

Slow Down & Listen

Do you ever wonder what the hay you’re doing?Do you ever wonder what the heck is the point? Do you ever wonder whether or not what

Simplicity is Key

Let me start by saying that last week, I went away to Salt Spring Island to teach yoga at a friend’s marketing retreat. I came

Poetry To Muse Upon

A bit of poetry that has me musing this weekend.For those of you who were in class this morning, here’s the reading.I hope you enjoy it. With

Emerging A New Being

Last Friday, for the live class, I pulled out a playlist I haven’t listened to in a while. I didn’t look at all the songs,

Listen With Intent

  I was speaking with a friend of mine this week about their aging parent. My friend expressed their fear that their parent may get

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