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Celebrating Feminine Energy

Shri Ma!
Blessing and salutations to the great mother!
“The maternal or female energy is one of the earliest objects of contemplation and worship. ‘Ma’ itself refers to the universal creative force that’s represented in the powerful feminine deity Shakti.” – Alice G Walton.


Tomorrow being Mother’s Day here in the West – this is a wonderful time to honor the Great Mother (divine/Gaia), your mother (biological/spiritual), and Shakti, the feminine creative force of the universe. 

In honor of Ma, I’ve created a Spotify playlist of kirtan music dedicated to her many forms – Durga, Gayatri, and Kali. The intention of this playlist is for you to sing along while you’re creating, having the creative force, Shakti, moving through you. Examples would be cooking, cleaning, making art, or doing yoga. 

Another offering in the spirit of Shakti is a meditation and breathwork practice on fire – the energy of Shakti. This meditation is free for all and can be found on Soundcloud. 

For those of us whose mothers have left the physical world, it can be a hard Sunday to endure. I have found small rituals help me.

My mother loved receiving flowers, so each year, I usually make a little altar to her in my house and offer a small bouquet of her favorite flowers, peonies. 

For those of you whose mothers are still with us in the physical realm, here are 3 ways to shower them with appreciation: 

1. Call/write them and express your gratitude. 
2. Feed them – bring them a meal that you have either prepared or picked up.
3Gift a subscription to Practice with Clara 😉

Here’s the info for Saturday’s LIVE class:
Taste the Nectar

Join Clara for a rhythmic vinyasa practice inspired by her teacher, Shiva Rea’s, Prana Flow. We’ll start with a classic moving meditation to open the heart and breath then ride a vinyasa wave to Shavasana, corpse pose. 

There is no peak pose for this class.

Props you’ll need 1 block, 1 blanket. 


We’ve created a new playlist for sports lovers!

This playlist features five collections with classes for runners, cyclists, swimmers,  rock climbers, and skiers/snowboarders. Yoga is a great tool to cross-train and recover from strain on the muscles in said sport.

See how you can benefit from the Yoga for Sports playlist on the PWC blog.

Almost 50% Off!

Give the gift of daily ritual by purchasing a year’s subscription to Practice with Clara for $100 (Almost 50% off the regular price!) We want everyone to have access to yoga and rituals that help make the world a better place. PWC presents various styles and lengths of yoga classes, plus mantra and meditation for yogis of all levels—including expecting mamas! 

Mothers Day Special ends Monday, May 10th at midnight. 

Sending love and a virtual hug,
Clara & the Team. 


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