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Constantly Refining

Hello, friends!

Have you ever thought you were being super clear only to find out that others do not understand you?

I work in a field where communication is KEY. If I’m not clear with my directions when teaching, students won’t know which poses to take or how to engage their bodies when in them. My theme, philosophical or other, will be lost at word sea without anyone to fish them up and eat them. I have worked on being clear since I was little. Afterall my name, Clara, means clear. I’ve been hearing the mantra “Clarity” my whole damn life.

This week, the Practice With Clara team has had more emails asking for clarity around events, registration and descriptions than we have in a long time. What this tells me is we’ve got work to do in how we’re conveying information. It makes me laugh because I’ve worked hard on fostering clear, direct, precise language in my teaching—yet it hasn’t translated into other parts of my life.

Why am I bringing this up? Because I want to sweetly remind myself and perhaps you—if you feel like you need to hear it— that this life we’re living is one of constant refinement.

Refining does not mean it’s broken.

Refining does not mean it’s wrong.

Google oracle gives two definitions of refinement:

—The improvement or clarification of something by the making of small changes.

—Cultured elegance in behavior or manner.

I can dig that! Refining means that we are consciously, meaning with awareness, making small improvements to create a more elegant way of being. Through small or big changes, we can shape a life that that we want, a life we can be proud of, relationships we enjoy and learn from, a feeling of purpose that gives us not only hope but meaning.

I ask you: · What would you like to refine or are in the process of refining? · What places in your life do you see the product of your work?

I’ll be working hard with the team on language, communication and intentions this coming week. I hope to see the results in the feedback from our community in the coming months.

To learning, refining and celebrating this process we call life.



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