The Power in Cultivating Your Life Force with Dr. Keema Shield

Welcome to the Lila Wellness Summit with special guest speaker Dr. Keema Shield. Keema joined us to discuss the power of cultivating your life force and how to optimize your health and energy by aligning with time and nature.

Recharging is an essential component of wellness; taking the time to consider where and how your energy is being drained is a simple and free practice that will add to the quality of your life. You do not have to look far to gather where to move next. Through observation of seasonal cycles, you have the reconnect with the body’s natural inclinations.

We use the available energy in the environment, and then we move forward with clear intent and calmness, carrying our excitement inside with an awareness of its preciousness as a transformative force. Clear intent, right action which creates achievement of arriving at our goal. We allow a visceral sense of satisfaction of being and of having enough. — Dr. Keema Shield.

In the lecture, Cultivating Your Life Force, Keema summarizes how to use nature to align with time to discover the right foods, activities, and rhythms your body needs to flow with ease.  

10 Things You Will Learn in
Cultivating Your Life Force with Keema Shield

  1. Practices to direct the energy of your body, such as yoga and acupressure points. 
  2. Ways to track your food, sleep, and activity patterns to optimize your energy. 
  3. The body’s natural circadian rhythms and the hormones and energies associated with sleep.
  4. How to examine the cycle of a day through the lens of Chinese Medicine—and how this relates to our physiology. 
  5. The elements of nature that are mirrored in the body and the qualities associated with each.
  6. How to be right with time and what this statement encompasses. 
  7. The organs associated with each cycle and steps to take to improve your health. 
  8. How to activate the energy of each season through what to eat, avoid, release, and accomplish. 
  9. Acupuncture points to release stagnant energy or stimulate flow. 
  10. How to find your neutral line to address how you use your energy each day.

Watch the full lecture on Cultivating Your Life Force with Keema Shield.

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About the Lila Wellness Summit

Knowledge is power –
With knowledge, we can make more informed decisions. 
Join us for an educational Wellness Summit to learn more about your body, from the anatomical to the energetic, from the material to the subtle. 
We asked 4 health care practitioners to offer a lecture on what they are most passionate about and what they feel would benefit our community.
What they brought back to us was magical.

Meet Keema Shield—

A Doctor of Chinese Medicine and special guest speaker for the Lila Wellness Summit.

Keema has a special interest and is invested in female health and reproduction. Her passion is helping women optimize their hormones and vitality in all stages of life, as well as helping them have babies. 

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Introduction to Cultivating Your Life Force 

Read the excerpt taken from the on-demand lecture with Dr. Keema Shield, DTCM, Rg. Ac

In my practice, I use acupuncture and herbs as well as lifestyle as my main medicine.

My passion is for helping women achieve healthy pregnancies and using the power of the female menstrual cycle as a way to improve metabolic and hormonal health. So that menopausal and perimenopausal women can have years of vitality.

I want to offer a few simple tricks from the ancient practice of Chinese medicine. The ideas that I’m going to talk to you about today all came from the repeated conversations that I have had with patients. They’re small tools that, done consistently over time, can give you really good. They’re free.

They’re easy. And the best part is that they put you in the position of being your own best healer.

I’m going to take you through the changes in the seasons of a year, as well as look at a cycle of a day through the lens of Chinese medicine. This is an ancient medicine, and it has tools to optimize your health built right into its core.

We all have energy to varying degrees, but this energy can be cultivated or lost by lifestyle choices, stress, trauma, some things that we can’t control and some that we can. So let’s take time to look at the ones that we can control. Firstly, the theories that form the base of Chinese medicine were cultivated thousands of years ago by the ancients or naturalists. They observe nature’s temperature and the subtle energy body. The ancients had the direct experience that when they align themselves with nature by supporting their bodies with foods of specific flavors,

Movement sleep patterns and right thinking that they had more health and vitality or energy flow at the core of this premise, or this theory is that we as humans are part of nature and therefore we must reflect nature.

They rightly understood that nature works in ever-changing cycles and that there’s a right time for everything. Broadly, we can look at the cycle of a year of our life, and we can also look at the minutia of a day, the cycle and rhythms that go through each of our days; I have observed that we have more access to our vitality when we’re working with the energy that’s already available in our environment.

For example, yoga teachers understand that poses have different effects on us. And they take us through very different poses based on the time of day, working to align our physiology with the energy in the day.

I call this being right with time.

When we see someone in flow, how often have we observed that they were in the right place at the right time?

This is common. Our bodies also function well when they’re aligned with time. So when we’re not, we don’t feel great. What I mean by this is that we can use symptoms as clues to see where you’re not in sync with time.

If we’re having issues in, say, one area, and we see that the issue is repeated in a cycle of a day or in a season, this gives us more information. We want to notice when it happens. If we have trouble starting or finishing a project or trouble with the middle, or perhaps just with the transition, each phase is ruled by an element.

So we want to look at that because it gives us clues into where we are really strong in our energy and also where we need more support.

The simplest example of being right with time is in our waking and sleep cycle. Ideally, we want to see that our energy begins to rise with the sun and decline. As the sun goes down, we want to be able to fall asleep and stay asleep until the sun begins to rise.

If we see recurring night waking at 2:00 AM, this tells us something because this time of the night relates to the liver. If every spring we suffer from a similar malady or emotional experience, we pay attention to this too. If you reflect a little right now, Can you see where you’re having an experience or a symptom and check if it recurs in a cyclical way, you can also reflect on where you tend to end up physically or emotionally when things don’t go well for you.

Our tendencies are to repeat patterns, and these patterns can shine a light on what is wrong with us and where our system needs support to be in a better relationship with itself.

Our job is to set ourselves up so that our internal conditions are right and in harmony so that nature can do its job and we can be well.

Observe the gain and the drain; you need to look at the true cost of how you are setting up your life! 

So how do we take advantage of what nature has to offer?

We definitely can. Before I go into the seasons, remember what I opened with the missing link that I think differentiates between lack of disease and vitality. I’m going to show you one way that I hope will help you build your energy and bridge this gap.

About Dr. Keema Shield

Keema is currently in her 20th year of practice in Vancouver and continues her education in many ways, including being in her 6th year of a graduate mentorship program in diagnostics and herbology with Sharon Weizenbaum, as well as studying hormones from a western perspective and being certified in the Estima method for balancing female hormones and metabolic health. 

Keema likes to combine tools from the East and West in her work and teaches a comprehensive program called The East meets West Hormone Reset for women seeking lasting change and measurable results with their hormones and metabolism.

Clients seek Keema to assist them in regaining life force, hormone balance, improving sleep, gut health and assistance in starting a family.

Keema was drawn to medicine and did research by visiting doctors and practitioners over many years to discuss what healing was and how their modality helped people. After her first session receiving acupuncture, she felt as though she had returned to herself in a profound way. She wanted to know more and sought out a Doctor’s program. She’s never looked back.

Keema’s teachers include Dr. Sharon Weizenbaum. Her teaching is rooted in Chinese Medicine and is such a great reminder that we can heal so much by simply restoring good function in our bodies. 

It is a gift to be taught by someone who focuses on physiology, not pathology. This should be our primary goal as practitioners; to help restore healthy function so that the body can do the healing it is capable of. —Keema Shield.

David Whyte: poet (Sunday with David has been Keema’s church since the pandemic began).

Margaret Jones Callahan is a Buddhist teacher and artist. A deeply present and wise teacher. She is an image-maker for being and aging. 

Learn more about Keema on her website.

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