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Did I Manifest It?


I decided earlier this week that I’d like to teach more in person. I miss the co-creation process that happens when your energy and my energy co-mingle and inform the theme and sequence I have loosely prepared.

I told a student this afternoon that I was looking for a space I could teach at in the evening. I had a call this afternoon, and BOOM – I found a studio I can teach at in the evenings. (( more on that next week ))

I bring this up because – manifestation is a real thing. Or is it?

Was it pre-determined or did I manifest it?

Do you believe we have free will or are we fumbling forward on a trajectory that was mapped out before/when we were born?

I don’t know for certain, but I like to believe that it’s a bit of both. We are predisposed to certain paths – due to where we were born and who we were born to AND I also believe that random curve balls come our way – chance encounters, right place – right time, etc.

Thinking this way gives me permission to feel that I have free will AND appreciate the magic of being on the ride and not knowing the destination.

Ok folks – what say you?

Do we have free will or are we fumbling forward on a predetermined trajectory?

Share your thoughts with me –



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