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Dig Into Your Heart

It’s been a rich month.  

There was more movement for me this month, travel movement. I went to Kelowna and taught a few workshops. I hadn’t taught a workshop away in 3 year! I I was a bit nervous as I am out of practice but it slowly came through me again. I love teaching workshops, as there is more time and space to explore one theme.  I am happy with what came through and am excited to start travel teaching a bit more in the fall!

I went to Seattle the following weekend and saw Erykah Badu and Yasiin Bey. They were both extraordinary to witness. I have seen both of them before. To see how they’ve grown as artists was inspiring. One of the gifts of experience for these two was the comfort they both had in their skins. How they moved and interacted with audience felt natural. It didn’t feel as though they had anything to prove and had lots to share. They both spoke of the power of love – dig deep into your heart and uncover your own truth and then to move from that place. YES I hooted. 

The next day, I got to take a class with one of my teachers, Ana Forrest. The theme of the class was also love! The healing power of self love and acceptance. It was soooo cool to go to two different events and hear the same message. 

Ana Forrest also spoke of the complicated nature of love. That for some it’s easy to access and for other’s it’s a bit abstract. She offered to start with self respect. Make choices that honour yourself. From this practice, she was able to access self love. YES I yipped. 

So fam jam – your homework this week – if you choose to accept it:

Put your hands on your chest.

Take 3 brahmari’s breath (hum as you exhale) into your heart center.

Ask yourself, What is True for me today?

Make choices based on that truth.

I leave you with some more words of wisdom from Ms Badu – There’s only one rule on her current tour, MIND YOUR BUSINESS. What may be true for you, may not be true for me. Focus on yourself and what you need to move forward. Trust that others will do the same. 



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