Dios muertos, a national holiday in Mexico (Nov 1-4th) when people reflect on those who came before. A beautiful time to celebrate those who have paved the way for us. Our ancestors of blood lineage as well as spiritual, our parents for initiating us into this incarnation and those who have been teachers to us.

It got me thinking this year…since moving back to my hometown, I keep seeing past incarnations of myself on the street. ‘As a teenager, I used to hang out in this park. As a vegan, I loved that restaurant. When I was goth…’, the list goes on. I’ve been reflecting on those many beings in this incarnation that have lived on these streets and I’m so thankful to all of them, fore their choices got me to where I am today.

To my grandmother for loving me as only a grandmother can.

To one of my great spiritual teachers, Constantine Darling, for sharing his wealth of experiences with us in a one of the most magical places on earth, the Grand Canyon.

To my teenage self for going out there and saying ‘Yes’.

Mucho Gusto.  
Hari Aum



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