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Yoga Fabrik, Neuchatel, Switzerland

Module 1: Nov 25th-Dec 5th 2020
Module 2: Jan 27- Feb 6th, 2021

** Yoga Alliance Certified, Lila School of Vinyasa Yoga **




Join Clara Roberts-Oss and Carolyn Anne Budgell in this holistic teacher training program
designed to help you deepen your practice and understanding of the body as well as learn all
the skills for instructing an incredible Vinyasa Yoga class.
Over the course of 2 modules, explore the nitty gritty, the how, when, why, where and so
much more of what it means to understand yoga and teach it!

Diving into a teacher training is not just for those who want to teach yoga, but also for
those wishing to create a greater connection to breath, community and their inner
teacher. This program focuses on the principles for living a balanced lifestyle in modern
society and how to be a role model for others.

7:00-9:00 Practice
9:00-10:00 Break
13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-17:30 Lecture/Practice


— Why Yoga? What yoga means for us in the present day, why do we practice, how
should we practice and how can we share it effectively with others?
— The Yoga Postures: detailed alignment and anatomy through daily asana labs
to break it all down and build it up methodically.
— Safety and Options For Everyone: contraindications of yoga poses and
variations for all levels of students (how to look at all different types of bodies!
— Sequencing: an important chapter on intelligently sequencing yoga poses and
creating seamless vinyasa flows with a heating element, peak poses and a
calming cool down.
— The Roots: philosophy, Sanskrit pronunciation, overview of various lineages
that contribute to the yoga we know today and history of the yoga tradition.
— Pranayama: various breathing techniques and gentle practices to understand
our vital life force.
— Subtle Body Energies: chakras, nadis and other unseen lines flowing through
the body.
— The Healing Powers of: mantra, meditation and the ancient medicine of
— The Business of Yoga: how to get started, authentically integrating the many
hats of a yoga teacher, settling in to your own voice, boundaries, honing in on a
niche and your passion for teaching.
— Hands–‐on Adjustments: the delicate actions and ethics of touching and
assisting others.


Vancouver 200 hour yoga teacher training

— A daily yoga, pranayama and meditation practice. Because the best
teacher is a lifelong student.
— Applied hands-on teaching experience. Jump right in to practice teaching. Discover the authentic voice within. Clara and Carolyn are passionate about and committed to providing registered trainees with as much hands-on time teaching as possible during this

— Exploration of anatomy basics in your own body. Learn anatomy from the best of
the best and how it directly relates to yoga postures and to finding safe alignment in all
— Feedback on sequences and practice teaching. Growth comes from discussion,
asking questions and learning ways to improve. Carolyn and Clara provide a safe
environment for feedback on the physical and subtle aspects of teaching.
— Relevant and personal stories/sharing. Your path and all that has led you to this
moment is important. Explore ways to share your story while listening and connecting
to the journeys of others.
— Contemplating your unique body and the wisdom that lies within. Yoga is a practice
of experimentation that spans our entire lifetime. We all require different poses and types of
movement at different stages, but if you can honor and appreciate your phase at any given
time, your respect and understanding for others will be instantly felt. Tune into your
self, your wisdom and uncover how to teach from this place.

Tending the Heart Fire – Shiva Rea
The Heart of Yoga—Desikachar
The Jivamukti Yoga Book—David Life & Sharon Gannon
Bhagavad Gita—Stephen Mitchell
Key Muscles of Yoga—Ray Long (volume 1)
Fierce Medicine – Ana Forrest

Yoga Fabrik
Chemin des Grands-Pins 6, 2000
Neuchâtel, Switzerland

CHF 3500 + taxes
CHF 500 non-refundable deposit is due upon registration.

Cancellation Policy:
If you cancel before August 15th, only the deposit is forfeited.
Between Aug 15-­‐Sept 15, 25% of the balance will be forfeited.
Between Sept 15-­‐Nov 15, 50% of the tuition will be kept.
Within a month of the training, you forfeit 75% of your payment.

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** Min 2 years vinyasa yoga practice required **




1- How long should I have been practicing yoga for before attending?
We recommend at least 2 years of Vinyasa (Flow) yoga practice, so that you have a basic understanding of all
the poses, of your body and the general format for flow classes.

2 – Will we practice yoga daily?
Yes – there will be a 2 hour class led by Clara or Carolyn and, on many days, an extra class led by your peer.

3 – How much hands-on experience will I get?
You will start practice teaching each other immediately. You will teach a 60 minute class during the course.

4 – How many students do you accept?
We allow for about 20-25 participants in the training. We like everyone to have a chance to contribute
throughout the training, and a smaller group means more connection!

5 – Does this training contribute towards a 300 or 500 hour (if I have already completed a 200 hour
Sadly no. A 300 hour training is a different training altogether, for experienced instructors.
Our 200 hour training gives you all the skills and tools needed to jump into the teaching world, as a new
teacher. Yet you can always take more than one 200 hour training in your life!

6 – Can I take this training even if I don’t want to teach yoga?
Absolutely! You can soak in all the studies and practices without writing the exam or practice-teaching. It’s
an incredible opportunity to explore the deepest aspects of yourself, either way. And we often find that many
people end up realizing during the course of the month, that they were in fact passionate about teaching all

7 – Is there anything I need to study or read prior to beginning the program? Do I need to bring any
books with me?
Yes, we have outlined 6 books (in the pages above) that are ‘Required Reading’. These are book written by our
revered teachers, in the lineages that have inspired our paths and our teachings. You will not be required to
bring daily, unless specified by us in advance.

8 – How should I prepare for the training?
Read all the books, take yoga classes at least 3 times per week and watch your inbox for homework from us!
You will receive your manual on Day 1.

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