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30 Opportunities:
A 30-Day Virtual Yoga Challenge
with Clara Roberts-Oss

30-days to go deeper into your yoga practice, your body, your heart, your breath, your process

30 reasons—what’s your reason?

As we slowly begin to integrate back into “regular” life, I thought it might be a great time to either reconnect to your yoga practice or start having a daily yoga practice. We wanted to open this event to not only our members but our community at large – For Free! 

This is for you!

This challenge is for all members of the #PracticeWithClara community and for anyone who is not yet a member but interested in joining the challenge, we have a coupon code that will give you free access to the classes during the virtual yoga challenge. (read along)


At the end of the challenge we will raffle gifts for those of you who complete the journey with us including:

  • 3 Winner will receive a One Year Membership to #PracticeWithClara
  • 2 Winners will receive a tri-devi mala that I co-created in partnership with Divine East.
      • A student participating in the challenge (Megan) wanted to gift another one-year membership and 2 Tri-Devi Malas to the raffle – “Your site and community has been a light for many people in these dark times and I hope to continue that for at least some people”. We loved it so much we decided to match it by adding another free one-year membership to the raffle as well for a total of 3. 
  • 3 Winners will receive a Gift package from Halfmoon Yoga Props that includes 2 blocks and one strap to add to your home practice
  • Halfmoon has offered a coupon code for everyone in our community 15% Off their store with the code PRACTICEWITHCLARA – check it out here
      • Lovingly crafted and thoughtfully sourced yoga products. Supporting your practice since 1989. We are expert makers and curators of the best yoga and meditation products, supporting you in living your yoga! Handmade in Canada, shipping directly to you. 
  • 1 Winner will receive a yoga mat from Supported Soul – The winner will choose from the All-in-One combination mat, a Pro Grip mat or a Foldable travel mat.
  • Supported Soul has also offered a coupon code for everyone that signs up to the 30-day challenge – 30% Off their store with the code 30OPPORTUNITIES – check it out here
      • Supported Soul hopes to motivate people to take time to focus on their physical + mental health by sharing their passion for yoga as well as offering beautiful products to support their practice.
  • 1 Winner will receive a gift package from Tagulan including a free Tshirt or Tank of their choice in a basket of local goodies
  • The team at Tagulan has offered a coupon code for everyone in our community 20% Off their store with the code 30dayscheck it out here
      • Veggiecation with a touch of sass, TAGULAN is a lifestyle apparel company based out of Vancouver, Canada that donates a portion of its proceeds to support educating children about urban agriculture
  • 2 Winners will receive a 2 mask pack from Joyful Masks
      • Handmade in BC. 100% Cotton, triple layer masks with filter pocket. Adult & kids sizes

How it will work

The challenge will start on June 1st. The night before a special playlist will appear at the top of the #PracticeWithClara Catalog https://practice.clararobertsoss.com/catalog including the web app and all of the apps below.

iPhoneIpadApple TV – Android phone and tablet – Roku – Amazon Fire TV – Android TV

Each class will be labeled by its date (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3).

The Classes

How we broke down the week:

Monday: Meditation and Hatha

Tuesday -Thursday:  Heated vinyasa practice

Friday: Restorative or Gentle Hatha

Saturday & Sunday: Longer vinyasa practices

We invite you to listen to your body throughout the month. Remember that every pose/variation is an offering, you don’t have to do them. Rest when you need to. Before going deeper into a pose, ask yourself, does this serve where my body and mind are today?

Journaling question

Each class will include a question for you to ponder while you do your practice. You will see these questions in the blurb for the given day and we will be posting them to our Facebook group, Practice With Clara Community. We invite you to join the daily conversation on our Facebook Community group and post your response in the comments.


Join us

If you are not yet a member of #PracticeWithClara you can access for free by using the coupon code 30opportunities 

Choose the monthly subscription option (https://practice.clararobertsoss.com/join) and at check out add the coupon code above.

We offer a 7-day free trial, plus this 30-day coupon will ensure you are present during the full Virtual challenge

We’re excited to practice with you!

Make sure to join us on the FB group or on Clara’s Instagram page for a daily update on the challenge and to join the conversation.











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