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Inversions Yoga Challenge

Do you want to build confidence AND strength?

Join Clara for a 7-Day Inversions Yoga Challenge 

Inversion practice helps you:

  • Build upper body strength

  • See the world from a unique perspective

  • Confront your fears

  • Improve balance

Inversions Yoga Challenge

The best part… it’s entirely virtual!

Participants can expect:

  • An inversion class for each day of the challenge. 

  • Fluid and dynamic, 30-60 minute yoga classes.

  • Meditation and mantra classes to ground after going upside down.

★ Prizes for a few winners include swag bags and a 3-month subscription to Practice with Clara.

Thinking of Joining Us?

Here’s All You Need to Know:


7 days of playful vinyasa classes where you’ll go upside down


Virtual, at your home studio


YOU! All new members of Practice with Clara get the first 7-days for free


Monday, July 19th – Sunday, July 25th


Challenge your fear, gain confidence and strength, embrace daily rituals

Challenge Checklist

Here’s how to join:

  1. Visit the 7-Day Inversions Yoga Challenge Playlist on Practice with Clara. 

  2. Join the Practice with Clara Community Facebook Group.

  3. Get the class calendar to track your progress. 


Win Prizes!

How to enter to win:

  • Post a photo, quote, or anything else that shares your experience on Facebook or Instagram, and tag Clara to be entered to win a cool prize!

  • Prizes include Practice with Clara swag bags with goodies inside and a 3-month subscription to the apps!
  • Post every day to be entered as many times as you want! There’s no limit to how many times you can enter. 

Rules for the challenge:

  1. Practitioners must complete the 7 days of yoga, however, we invite you to move the classes around to serve how you feel—if you’re tired, don’t push yourself. Take savasana or rest on your mat when you need it. The point is making it to your mat every day, and that’s what counts towards the 30 days!
  2.  Practitioners are encouraged to interact with the day’s class by typing YES in the comments in the PWC App or in the private Facebook Group. This practice promotes motivation, positivity, and inclusion within the community. 
  3. The challenge is completely free for all new members. If you don’t cancel your subscription at the end of the challenge, you will be charged the monthly billing charge. 

The virtual yoga challenges are free for all new members of Practice with Clara as we want to support and sustain the community-at-large, which means providing yoga to those who may not be able to afford it otherwise. 


How We Honour Accountability

The best way to create a habit is through accountability – Check-in with the PWC community to hold yourself accountable for the challenge and your intentions.

Here are two ways for you to get in touch and say YES to completing the daily classes. 

  1. In the PWC App:  type ∾ YES ∾ in the comments after you finish the class to share that you’ve done your yoga.
  2. In the PWC FB Group: We will post the class daily, you can type ∾ YES ∾ in the comments to share that you’ve done your yoga.
You choose the method, we hold you accountable for your goal for the month. 
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Read the history of the 30-Day Virtual Yoga Challenge to see the past partnerships, benefits, & prizes!


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Choose from three unique, free, offerings: 
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▴ 7-day series for beginners
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Feedback from Past Challenges: 

This challenge has been the first yoga challenge I have successfully completed. I have attempted others at my studio but the flexibility of recorded classes matched with the really smart sequencing of hard/medium/restorative classes made this challenge actually accessible and sustainable. I feel completely motivated to practice yoga daily for the remainder of the year and it feels like an actually attainable goal. In the very stressful time of covid, this challenge has brought me the most strength and peace I’ve felt since last March. I am SO grateful. Thank you.

Jessica Zelenack

This was a great challenge for inspiring introspection, personal change and a gentle daily discipline of arriving to the mat. I appreciated the focus on mantras and chanting on some days, and the flexibility to choose among options to fit our schedules. As always, Clara's voice, cueing, pacing and humor make every class a good one - I have a hard time picking favorites!

Lorah Super

I always spend about 10-15 minutes trying to find the class I want to take in the morning, so I loved just looking at the date for which class to do. I had never done mantra and found I loved it. The challenge introduced me to the idea that not all yoga classes have to be Energetic vinyasa. It also made me feel like I was part of a yoga studio rather than just me doing yoga by myself.

Eileen Cullen