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Astro Yoga Series

August 1st – August 30th

The Astro Yoga Series provides 30 days of yoga organized around Vedic Astrology to unite the cosmos with individual consciousness. 

Yoga classes that align with Jyotish, the ‘science of light.’

Work with the unique energy of each planet, based on the day of the week. 
  • SundaySurya (Sun) 
  • MondayChandra (Moon)
  • TuesdayMangala (Mars)
  • WednesdayBudha (Mercury)
  • Thursday =Brihaspati (Jupiter)
  • FridayShukra (Venus)
  • SaturdayShani (Saturn)

Participants in the Astro Yoga Series receive:

  • 2 classes per day.  
  • A calendar to track your progress. 
  • Yoga for each of the 12 zodiacs and the body parts to work with for your sign.
  • Educational prompts on Vedic Astrology. 

How to Join the Astro Yoga Series

If you are a Practice with Clara member—you’re all set!
The Astro Yoga Series Playlist will be LIVE in the apps on July 25th for you to preview the month of classes.

If you’re not a community member, join us – sign up here.

Please read ALL the instructions before signing up. 
  1. Visit the Practice with Clara App on your desktop.
  2. Select the monthly subscription option.
  3. Fill out the required information to activate your account.
  4. Enjoy a weeks-worth of yoga—cancel anytime!
  5. Download the Practice with Clara App on your mobile device from AppleGoogle Play, or Android.
New members will access the 30-Day Yoga Series and over 200 classes on the Practice With Clara app. At the end of the series, if you enjoyed practicing with us and would like to continue with the app, you do not need to do anything. 
**Important for new members to note:
If you do not cancel your membership before the next month’s billing cycle, you will continue with a paid subscription and be charged the $18.99 monthly fee. We DO NOT offer refunds. It’s up to you to cancel your membership before the month is up to avoid being charged. 

Current Members:

Sign up for the Astro Yoga Series Daily Email

—get the class of the day delivered directly to your inbox!

*This event is exclusive to Practice with Clara members; all new members get the first 7-days free

** If you’re signed up for the Practice with Clara Daily Email, you do not need to sign up for the Astro Yoga Series You will receive the first email on August 1st!

    Your Daily Email:

    • Is a reminder to make it to your mat!
    • Provides BONUS content to develop your understanding of Astro Yoga. 
    • Includes advance invitations to upcoming events, workshops, and training with Clara. 

    The Astro Series Daily Email will contain your class schedule, calendar, philosophical prompts, and a detailed breakdown of each Zodiac with the body parts, movement practices, and themes that rule each sign.

    Get Your Weekly Yoga Horoscope:

    We’ve partnered with Simone Petra Pinkhasova to create the content for the Astro Yoga Series. 

    Sign up to receive your weekly Yoga Horoscope with the movement practices for your Zodiac based on the current moon cycle. 

      The Classes for the Astro Yoga Series

      Jyotish translates from Sanskrit as ‘science of light.’

      In Jyotish, the seven days of the week are governed by a specific planet. Vedic Astrologers use the term “grahas,” which translates as ‘that which grabs or holds.’

      There are nine grahas, including the moon’s north and south nodes, plus the seven planets that align with a particular day of the week.

      The Grahas Considered in Vedic Astrology:
      • Sunday = Surya (Sun)
      • Monday = Chandra (Moon)
      • Tuesday = Mangala (Mars)
      • Wednesday = Budha (Mercury)
      • Thursday = Brihaspati (Jupiter)
      • Friday = Shukra (Venus)
      • Saturday = Shani (Saturn)

      To create balance within, one works with the energy of the graha on the particular day.

      The Astro Yoga Series in August on the features the planets as guides for your daily movement.

      The purpose of the Astro Yoga practice is to align with the energies of the cosmos.

      Through examining the universe on a macro-level, we gain better awareness of ourselves and the world on a micro-level.

      “The planets, as energies of time, flow into eternity. Each planet rules a ray of time, which is a ray of eternity, as each moment in time is itself a flash of eternity.
      When we become conscious of the cosmic forces working through the planets, we pass beyond their rule. We integrate their powers within ourselves. We put back together the creation within our own hearts.
      In this way, astrology is a symbol of spiritual development, the evolution of consciousness. We can meditate upon its forms and powers and find within them the archetypes for our own inner growth.” — David Frawley, The Astrology of Seers.
      We can’t wait to learn with you and explore the cosmic body.

      The Practice with Clara Program

      We’ve curated a mix of classes to give you days of rest or contemplation, along with days to build heat and strength.*

      Day 1 – Vinyasa 
      Day 2 – Slow Flow
      Day 3 – Hatha
      Day 4 – Vinyasa
      Day 5 – Restorative
      Day 6 – Vinyasa
      Day 7 – Meditation

      *We invite you to listen to your body throughout the month. Remember that every pose/variation is an offering; you don’t have to do them. Rest when you need to. Before going deeper into a pose, ask yourself, does this serve where my body and mind are today.

      How We Help Hold You Accountable

      The best way to create a habit is through accountability. Check-in each day with the Practice with Clara community to hold yourself accountable for completing your month of yoga!

      Here are two ways for you to get in touch and say YES to completing the daily classes.

      1. On the Community Board in the Practice with Clara App.
      2. In the Practice with Clara Community Facebook.

      You choose the method; we hold you accountable all month.

      What You Receive with a Practice with Clara Membership:

      New Members: Try a Free Yoga Class on Practice with Clara

      Join Practice with Clara

      New members get 7-days FREE!

      Sign up for a recurring subscription and get access to hundreds of different yoga classes and join the weekly LIVE yoga class.

      Join me for an experiential practice!

      My favourite thing about yoga is getting to watch people have a connection with themselves.


      Yoga at Home

      Reaffirm your commitment to a home yoga practice!

      Read our post on how to set up a home yoga studio and the benefits of joining the Class of the Day.


      Join the Community

      Our community boasts yogis from countries all over the world who gather and co-create the spaces we share on the Practice with Clara platform.

      Join a community of over 1.3k yogis from around the world in the Practice with Clara Facebook Group

      · Share your feedback

      · Seek help and motivation from the community

      · Discuss and receive input on yoga challenges and injuries

      · Cultivate a global community

      · Exclusive access to content and upcoming events

      · Bring your ideas and questions to the Practice with Clara Ambassadors 

      Take a LIVE yoga class with Clara each week and join hundreds of yogis worldwide. 

      · Ask Clara questions in the live Q&A after class

      · Participate in a class with Clara and the community

      · Put in your request for a specific class

      · Build to a peak pose in a vinyasa-style sequence

      · Learn modifications for injuries

      · Receive how-to guides to advance your practice

      More Opportunities on Practice with Clara

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      Read the history of the 30-day challenges with the past partnerships, themes, interviews with professionals, and more. 

      Join an Upcoming 30-Day Yoga Challenge

      See when the next 30-day yoga challenge is hosted to join the LIVE yoga & meditation classes.

      Check out the events page to learn more. 

      Are you looking for more opportunities to practice yoga, for free? 

      Check out our Free Yoga page to see the latest offerings. 

      Choose from three unique, free, offerings: 

      30-day challenge
      7-day series for beginners
      7-day series for advanced vinyasa yogis 

      Explore Yoga Teacher Training Options 

      Learn to teach LILA FLOW YOGA with our free eBook!

      The key to advancing your vinyasa practice and teaching style.

      This workbook provides five written class sequences for you to experience a version of Wave Theory as designed by Clara Roberts-Oss, founder of the Practice with Clara Program.

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      ✧ Frequently Asked Questions ✧

      1. What is the Practice with Clara Membership & App?

      Practice with Clara is an online platform and Apps that allow you to take your yoga with you anywhere, anytime! With hundreds of classes in various styles, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin, Prenatal, and Meditation, there’s something for everyone at any level of the practice. The Practice with Clara Membership provides a monthly or yearly subscription package with the first 7-days free for you to experience the courses. 

      2. How is the Membership Different from the YouTube Playlists?

      A membership to the Practice with Clara Apps provides:

      • Access to the members-only library of yoga classes
      • Weekly LIVE classes with Clara
      • Unique events and workshops
      • Downloadable assets including:
        • Monthly Calendars
        • Journaling Booklets
        • Spotify Playlists
      • Access to a community of yogis worldwide 
      • Q&A sessions with Clara
      • & much more!

      Clara’s YouTube Channel provides carefully curated playlists to introduce you to the free programs and yoga challenges for you to get a taste of what’s offered and commit to your wellness!

      3. What Do I Get When I Join the 7-Day Program?

      The 7-day programs include: 

      • 7-Days of Vinyasa Yoga Intensive
      • 7-Days of Yoga for Beginners

      These programs provide a weeks-worth of yoga classes to ignite your yoga practice and cultivate a new, healthy habit. 

      When you sign-up for one of these programs, you’ll receive:

      • A welcome email to the program from Clara
      • A class each day for 1-week
      • Curated Spotify playlists to accompany each course
      • A calendar to track your progress
      • Access to the private Practice with Clara Facebook Group

      These programs are free with no hidden costs or fees; PLUS, you’ll still receive the 7-day free trial on the Practice with Clara Apps once you complete the series!

      4. What Do I Get When I Join the 30-Day Yoga Challenge?

      We host quarterly 30-day yoga challenges that are always free for all members of Practice with Clara. Each yoga challenge is themed based on the season. We’ve provided our inaugural challenge, Reconnect | A 30-Day Yoga Challenge, as an email series for you to try to test your physical and mental discipline and endurance!

      What you receive in Reconnect | 30-Day Challenge

      • A welcome email to the program from Clara
      • A class each day for 30-days
      • Curated Spotify playlists to accompany each course
      • A calendar to track your progress
      • A journaling booklet to incite self-reflection 
      • Access to the private Practice with Clara Facebook Group

      This program is free, anytime, with no hidden costs or fees, PLUS you’ll still receive the 7-day free trial on the Practice with Clara Apps once you complete the series!

       5.  I Want to Try the App, What’s Next? 

      Great, we’re so happy to have you join our community!

      To set up the Practice with Clara App, here are your next steps:

      6. I’m Injured, Pregnant, or New to the Practice—Can I Join?

      YES, no matter where you are at in your practice, there are classes for you on Practice with Clara. 

      We’ve created playlists for beginners and those who are new to the practice.

      we also have the Prenatal Collections with classes from the 1st – 4th trimesters that I created when I was pregnant with my daughter. 

      Finally, I offer PLENTY of modifications and suggestions based on injury in all the platform classes. 

      The biggest thing is to always listen to your body; your body is the greatest teacher.

      Join Practice with Clara

      New members get 7-days FREE!

      Sign up for a recurring subscription and get access to hundreds of different yoga classes and join the weekly LIVE yoga class.