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Weekend Workshops with Clara Roberts-Oss at

Our Space Yoga in Kelowna, BC

November 24 & 25th


Beats & Bhav 

Friday November 24th
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Bhavana means ‘cultivating’ or ‘mood’. This class will be inspired by music from a specific artist or genre to cultivate a unique feeling state (Bhav) and flow for the practice. This class differs from regular classes/workshops as I will practice with you. As we flow together, we will co-create the Bhavana through our movements and breath. We will focus less on the poses but instead on the transitions, dancing our way to our souls. The energy of the music will be the fuel for movement.

Members $25
Non-members $40

Art of Sequencing:

How to create holistic sequences that are both challenging and accessible.

Saturday November 25th
1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Based on Shiva Rea’s Wave Theory, this workshop will go over how to create classes based on “peak poses” as well as classes based on Bhav (feeling, mood). There will be a two hour practice and then discussion. We will go over vinyasa krama (steps) for more intermediate/advanced poses to offer in open level classes. For teachers and open to students looking to create a home practice.

Cost: $100
Full time teachers (teaching 8+ classes/week) – $85