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Weekend Mentorship with Carolyn & Clara

March 6-8th, 2020

Stretch Yoga, Vancouver, BC


Teacher community!

Let’s spend a weekend together discussing, dissecting and creating all things within the realm of teaching yoga.

19 hours of YA credits.


Authenticity – Speaking from a Place of Integrity

Friday Night – 6:30-9:30pm

Questions we’ll be covering tonight:

How to make our offerings accessible and relevant.

How to be heard from a grounded place.

How to empower ourselves and our students.

Themes. How do we create a potent theme? Where and when should we pepper it into class?

Mantra. How do we pick a mantra? How to lead them in class?

Myth. Storytelling and sharing, when and how?


Surya / Solar

Saturday – 8am-5pm

Take Me To The Peak. 

Learn how to create integrated vinyasa sequences towards a peak pose drawing from the lineages of classic vinyasa, Prana Flow and Kula Flow.

Hands On Adjustments in the standing series. We’ll go over how to assist students to understand key actions in the standing poses, in order to find a better foundation and more precise alignment.

Pranayama suitable for the heating portion of class and where to sprinkle it in.


Chandra / Lunar

Sunday – 8am-5pm

Take Me Down. 

Learn how to counter the solar part of class. We’ll create different cooling sequences to help our students unwind, drawing from not only the lineage of vinyasa, but also yin and restorative yoga.

Hands On Adjustments in the floor series. Assist your students to understand alignment, prop usage and how to go deeper into the quieter, cooling poses.

Review how Meditation can be incorporated into an asana class.



$395 Weekend Training and Handouts

$450 Training plus Class Observation and Feedback