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Enjoy a full-body vinyasa class.

Progress to handstand by strengthening the chest, arms, abdomen, and hamstrings.

This class is for you if you crave a sweet and spicy yoga practice.

In 30-minutes, you’ll create space and strength in tensed upper back and shoulder muscles. 

You’ll move through lunges and core strengthening before coming into handstand hops!

I’m Clara Roberts-Oss, the founder of Practice with Clara and Lila Flow Yoga. 

Click the button above to get Fire Is Born Lila Flow class; I designed this practice for those who sit for long periods.

Unwind with heart-opening and twists to settle the nervous system and ground.

This class opens and closes with a poem by Pablo Neruda to assist you in connecting with the fire within. 

“Wings open, fire is born

and everything continues blue as the morning.”

– It is Born by Pablo Neruda.

How YOU Benefit from Lila Flow Yoga:

  • Advance your yoga asana practice.
  • Deepen your connection to your breath.
  • Indulge in experiential subtle body practices.
  • Decompress and soothe your nervous system.
  • Release physical, mental, and emotional tensions.

What Students Are Saying

Explore Your Emotions through Lila Flow Yoga


A faster-paced and fiery class that builds heat in the body and strength. This class includes twists, leg balancing, hip and hamstring opening, and backbends. 
Releases: Fear
Creates: Power/Strength
Emotions: Grounded
Body Part: Legs
Chakra: RootMulhadhara 
Element: Earth


A dynamic class with simple transitions, side waist, hamstring, and hip opening creates space for you to feel more aligned in your body. 
Releases: Guilt
Creates: Connection
Emotions: Flow
Body Part: Hips
Chakra: SacralSvadhisthana 
Element: Water


A fluid class with playful transitions that keeps you guessing as to where this sequence is headed! Focusing on the core and back muscles, this class equally strengthens and lengthens the muscles attached to the spine.
Releases: Shame
Creates: Transformation
Emotions: Strong
Body Part: Core
Chakra: Solar PlexusManipura
Element: Fire


This class creates space to move through and express grief. Open your practice by shaking the arms, legs, and entire body to release stagnancy and physical tension.
Releases: Grief
Creates: Compassion
Emotions: Flourish
Body Part: Heart
Chakra: HeartAnahata
Element: Air

Heart Truth

A short class that creates space in the side body, shoulders, and chest to prepare for deep twists and backbends. 
Releases: Duplicity
Creates: Inspiration
Emotions: Balanced
Body Part: Neck/Shoulders
Chakra: ThroatVishuddha 
Element: Sound


A playful class that moves through leg balancing poses such as eagle, half moon) and standing hand-to-foot poses to build strength and test your balance. 
Releases: Illusion
Creates: Illumination
Emotions: Peace
Body Part: Meditation/Visualization
Chakra: Third EyeAjna
Element: Light


A Lila Flow featuring heart-opening and arm balancing, this vinyasa class is themed for the third eye chakra and ether to connect to spaciousness in body and mind. 
Releases: Attachment
Creates: Manifestation
Emotions: Connection
Body Part: Inversions
Chakra: Crown Sahasrara
Element: Ether

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1. What is the Practice with Clara Membership & App?

Practice with Clara is an online platform and Apps that allow you to take your yoga with you anywhere, anytime! With hundreds of classes in various styles, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin, Prenatal, and Meditation, there’s something for everyone at any level of the practice. The Practice with Clara Membership provides a monthly or yearly subscription package with the first 7-days free for you to experience the courses. 

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The 7-day programs include: 

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4. What Do I Get When I Join the 30-Day Yoga Challenge?

We host quarterly 30-day yoga challenges that are always free for all members of Practice with Clara. Each yoga challenge is themed based on the season. We’ve provided our inaugural challenge, Reconnect | A 30-Day Yoga Challenge, as an email series for you to try to test your physical and mental discipline and endurance!

What you receive in Reconnect | 30-Day Challenge

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This program is free, anytime, with no hidden costs or fees, PLUS you’ll still receive the 7-day free trial on the Practice with Clara Apps once you complete the series!

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YES, no matter where you are at in your practice, there are classes for you on Practice with Clara. 

We’ve created playlists for beginners and those who are new to the practice.

we also have the Prenatal Collections with classes from the 1st – 4th trimesters that I created when I was pregnant with my daughter. 

Finally, I offer PLENTY of modifications and suggestions based on injury in all the platform classes. 

The biggest thing is to always listen to your body; your body is the greatest teacher.

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