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Get The Inspiration To Persevere with Forearm Stand

Hello, fellow friends on the path,

I read the above quote last week in the LIVE class. I love love love this passage as I can get caught up in seeking to learn ALL THE THINGS. I love reading and discussing philosophy. That’s all good and fine BUT if I want to connect to and move from the power inside me, I need to get quiet and go inside. This passage is a wonderful reminder that wisdom is not something we seek but something we cultivate. We must sow our own seeds and take the time to get quiet and listen to the whispers of our spirits.

The trip we go on as a community through the yoga practice is a collaboration. This practice, for me at least, is one that is healing because regular life sometimes brings a heaviness or stagnation, at least in my experience. What I seek in my own practice is this idea of expansion, this idea of letting go, and this idea of realigning. 

I can’t believe we’re in our LAST WEEK of the challenge!!! For those of you who joined me on this journey, I’ve  really enjoyed the momentum we’ve created together in the Facebook Group

I’m looking forward to seeing you again for the Live class today. 🧘🏻‍♀️

Here’s the info on today’s class:

Forearm Stand

Join me for a 60-minute vinyasa practice working towards Forearm Stand. That means we’ll be working on strengthening the core and chest and opening up shoulders and hamstrings.

for today’s class


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