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We are beyond stoked to be teaming up with Girlvana Yoga to offer a young woman in their community a full scholarship to our next Lila Vinyasa 200 Hour YTT this coming November. We hope to give her the tools to teach, inspire and share her passion with other young adults. It is important for young girls to find their place in this huge world. They can do so by finding their own self, inside them. Once they find their true self, they will be able to embrace their individuality and share it with everyone around them.

We also want to thank Bodega Ridge for their generous donation. Their donation helped us in getting a young girl to a place that she truly deserved. It is an honor for us to have an opportunity to pave the path for a young woman towards finding her spirituality and true self. We couldn’t have done it without you!!

Collaboration with Girlvana Yoga

Girlvana Yoga is movement to introduce teen girls to the practice of yoga and meditation through high school classes and yoga retreats around North America. The venture came into being due to the idea that young girls need to have a safe space where they can look for their inner voice. The best way to do this is through yoga. Most teenage girls do not have this outlet and if they are provided one, they will be able to learn about their own spirituality and satisfy their curiousness. Girlvana has classes for teaching girls of ages 14 to 18 in which they learn about yoga. The mentors are skilled and experienced so the girls learn from the very best.

The founder of this venture is Alex Mazerolle, who is a yoga teacher herself. She is an author and speaker whose aim is to support teenage girls in finding themselves. Girlvana has been operating since 2012 and till now, it has empowered a number of girls in building their confidence and become more aware of themselves. This is a dire need of today and Girlvana makes sure that young women learn from different retreats and yoga classes.

Our Contribution in Paloma’s Journey

Paloma has been practicing yoga for over 3 years and has had an active role in Girlvana as a junior mentor to other young girls on their yoga journey. She has been an inspiration for the younger girls and we realized that polishing her skills would only mean making her better at what she does. Since she clearly had the skill and dedication, this scholarship was absolutely well-deserved. We are so excited for Paloma to be a fully certified yoga teacher and continue to inspire young girls everywhere. Our belief is that we must empower such young women so that they can grow up and be a source of inspiration for other girls in the society.

If you’re unfamiliar with this ahhhmazing organization for young women, check them out! You can learn more about their retreats, classes and mission statement here: http://www.girlvanayoga.com/





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