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Guided Meditations

It is known to most people that meditation is good for physical and mental well-being. However, a lot of people are not aware of different kinds of meditation. One of these is guided meditation which is much more beneficial that regular meditation in some cases. In this kind of meditation, one or more individuals perform meditation in response to a teacher’s guidance. The teacher would either guide them through a video, sound or a text. The guidance medium could be just instructions or music. Sometimes, both of these are combined together to get the best results.

Benefits of Guided Meditation

There are plenty of benefits of guided meditation because it is a combination of different techniques and has a collective effect on your well-being. An important component of guided meditation is meditation music that makes you feel light and at peace. This music therapy takes you towards healing. Also, there are different relaxation techniques that help to reduce stress. In your daily life, there are so many things contributing to your stress. When you wake up in the morning, you start worrying about the chores that you have to do during the whole day. The stress just does not stop.

However, you can put a stop to this stress and go into a stress-free state with guided meditation. This is particularly helpful if you are a beginner who does not know what to do. When the instructor is giving you instructions, it easier to just follow along and reap the benefits.

Guided Meditation for Healing

There have been some studies to show the effects of guided meditation on the body. It has been seen that this kind of meditation can help in lowering and controlling pain. Moreover, it could also be useful for controlling or managing your anger issues. If you suffer from anxiety or you just tend to be pessimistic, this meditation would help you bring optimism and relaxation in your daily life. According to some experts, guided meditation also helps in boosting your mental aptitude and physical ability. Overall, it improves the quality of your life so that you are able to have a better feeling about yourself.

Guided Meditation on Soundcloud

Depending on what you are meditating for or where your interest lies, you will need different kinds of guidance. It is easier to meditate when you have a teacher by your side who is guiding you at every step of the way. Simply play the audio recording and follow the instructions. In this way, you will be able to connect with your inner self, heal and get better physically too.

Just like you use Soundcloud to listen to music or podcasts, you can only use it for guided meditation by follow my instructions. I’ve posted some guided meditations on Soundcloud for your enjoyment. Hopefully, you will be able to follow the instructions and reach a state of physical, mental and emotional wellness in your life.

I’ve posted some guided meditations on Soundcloud for your enjoyment.

Third Eye Meditation

Yoga Nidra

Fire Meditation

Rain Meditation

Earth Meditation


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