Beacon of light,
That which brings light into the darkness.
There are so many ways light is shed in our lives, through people, circumstances, reading, connections with nature, intention.
Most of the time, we don’t seek it within. We somehow forgot, or never knew it was within us. Perhaps since childhood, when we sought everything from our parents, it taught us that all we seek is in the external world.

But it’s not.

I just finished watching Kumare, the documentary about the fake guru. What arose from me,is that we become great teachers when we have great students, who are our gurus. It is through interactions with something outside ourselves that we remember our own greatness. Because we are all great. For we are a reflection of Divinity/God/Goddess/Aum/Allah.
This whole entire ‘practice’, for me, is about that. Remembering our true nature and moving through the world, as best we can, from that place. What my father and the Buddhists call our ‘Buddha nature’. Kirshnamancharya said it so beautifully ‘yoga is a practice that teaches us patience and compassion. First with our own bodies and beings and then with those around us’.
Most of us have chosen to be householders, meaning we do not dedicate our lives to spiritual enlightenment. Instead we use the sadhana to fuel the rest of our life. So that we may be inspired and inspire others to connect to their own divinity.

As we wrap up 2013,
May we celebrate
our own beacons,
Our own compass.
May we connect and move from that power and inspire others to do the same.

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