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Last weekend was Karmen, my daughter’s, birthday.
Four years old. whew.

She’s currently into castles, unicorns and pegasus or pegusi? She is NOT going to live in an apartment or house but instead in a castle in Burnaby, a suburb of Vancouver – for those of us who are no familiar with Vancouver. This castle will not house her parents but 20 unicorns and pegasi. 
She loves to draw, build lego, celebrate Baa and Bejanmin’s, her two favorite stuffies, birthdays – that usually happens at least ONCE A WEEK. She also loves to run, have play dates and eat dolces (sweets). 

I’m in love with Karmen. Since having her, my gaze has shifted from work to her. In my list of priorities, she is number one, I’m number two and everyone and everything else comes after. This priority list took me 2 years to make.

Prior to Karmen, I used to put myself in third, after my work and my partner. But parenting a toddler taught me that I needed to shuffle the list. After literally being drained of my life force the first two years of Karmen’s life, I realized I needed to change if I wanted to stay healthy and vibrant. I wasn’t sleeping or eating enough. I was micro managing her sleep and eating schedule but not my own.

I woke up one day and realized I was withering away. If I wanted to continue teaching, working, parenting and living in a way that uplifted and inspired me, I had to change.

How I did this: before every decision, I asked myself – will this nourish me? Will this add sweetness to my life? If it didn’t, I wouldn’t do it, when possible.

Other practices included:

  • Cooking more meals in batches.
  • I narrowed my social circle to only those were loving, kind and soft in their demeanor. I have a lot of fiery people in my life, whom I love but couldn’t handle while I was shifting. 
  • I spent more time resting, in bed and on the grass in the sun.
  • Exercising – yoga, pilates and strength training.
  • I became stronger and clearer in my boundaries.
  • I stepped back from teaching publicly and hosting retreats. 

Karmen’s 4th birthday marks a marker, I have come out of the dullness of early childhood rearing. My therapist friend tells me postpartum is 4 years for most parents, not one.

My markers:

  • I can hear my intuition again.

  • I feel strong in body and mind and clear in my vision of where I want to go.

  • I can handle intensity and am able to hold space for others.

  • I am ready to offer more indepth training and offerings. 

I ask you:
What are you current priorities?

Is this list helping or depleting you?
What are your markers?

What are some practices you do to stay healthy and vibrant?

Share them with me by shooting me an email back,

🌸 Clara



Band Magic -Spotify Playlist I made for my Friday class that I’m listening to on repeat. Great when driving winding roads!


Classic Vinyasa – a class I taught in homage to my roots of Jivamukti Yoga. 


Wisdom Rising by Lama Tsultrim Allione