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Here Comes the Sun!

Hello, friends!

Here comes the sun!

This Sunday marks the halfway mark between the darkest and brightest day of the year—the Spring Equinox.

What does that mean to me? What does that mean to you?

In the past few weeks, I have started to feel lighter in spirit. We had a week or so of bright sun, which reminded me of what’s to come—more time outside, ocean swims, community gatherings. Oooooo— I’m excited about this coming season!

I’m awakening from a long sleep, stretching my arms overhead and looking around. I have been on this earth for more than 40 years, yet I forget how much I love spring when she starts to show herself. This winter has been an especially heavy one. I’ve felt isolated, both of my own creation and the semi-lock down our province went through over the holidays. I appreciate the quiet that it has given me, AND I’m ready to commune with my surroundings, with my community. I’m teaching publicly at One Yoga on Friday afternoons at 4pm. It’s been nice to see so many familiar faces.

I’ve decided to do a mild detox to rid myself of the Kapha/heaviness I’m feeling in my body. Warm water and lemon first thing. I am cutting down on my sourdough— although I love you so! Bringing raw veggies back into my diet— I avoid them in the winter. Cardio and weights are coming back into my routine.

Checking in with your own body and spirit –

What are you called to shift in diet or routine to welcome the spring?

What are you looking forward to in the coming season?

Sending you a warm and gentle hug,


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