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How Will You Choose to Share Your Energy?

Happy New Year!

I wanted to start the year with a wonderful reflection from my dear friend and collaborator, Simone Pinkhasova, who writes Yoga Horoscope. This is from last week’s newsletter.

✹ What narrative will you recall of this year?

What you remember is fueled by where you hold your focus. Memory is the mind’s ability to collect, assimilate, and recall information. What you remember is a token of your experience and expertise in sifting through the moments you’ve lived. You have power in the thoughts, recollections, and words that signify action.

✹ How will you choose to share your energy?

The Last Quarter Moon in Libra rings notes of elegance through endurance. Use this time to go deeper into your internal channels. Start a new project. Connect to your emotional intelligence with movement and song. The creative well runs deep in each of us. Enjoy the music as you traverse the invisible realms of your reality.

Questions for reflection:

* What is your word for 2022?

* What music, colours, and textures will design your world in the New Year?

* What qualities do you hope to embody?

* Who are the people you want to attract?

* Where will you dedicate your heart?

I’d love to hear any or all your answers to Simone’s questions. You can reply to this newsletter or post them in the Facebook group.

If you’re interested in receiving Simone’s weekly newsletter, sign up here.

In other news —

I’m looking forward to doing yoga with you every day this month for our Ignite 30-Day Virtual Yoga Challenge.

If there’s anyone you think would benefit from 30 days of yoga, forward this email to them. The coupon code IGNITE2022 is active until Monday, January 3rd.

See you on the mat,


We analyzed the past 365 days on Practice with Clara to see who, what, where, when, and how you wanted to do yoga. Read the blog post to see our projections for the New Year in the yoga industry and where we will focus.

Join Ignite 30-Day Virtual Yoga Challenge!

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January 1-30th, 2022.

Vinyasa Yoga Morning Intensive

A Virtual Vinyasa Yoga Morning Intensive on Zoom. Registration is OPEN!

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January 7th, 14th, 21th, 28th – 2022

Friday Night Assembly


Friday Night Assembly on Durga.

I only take 40 participants in each Assembly event.

January 14th at 7 PM PST.

Join the LIVE kick off class for Ignite Yoga Challenge​

The class is today, Saturday – January 1st – at 9 AM PST on the Practice with Clara apps.

From December 25th to January 31st, we are supporting the David Suzuki Foundation — a local non-profit that is advocating for our planet. We are asking our community for donations of $10-$20 CND for each LIVE class from December 25th until January 29th. Every donation made will be matched by Practice With Clara so that we, together, help fight climate change.

If you are interested in making a donation, contribute here.

if you cannot make a donation, there are many ways you can help us change the planet’s trajectory. Here’s a link to the Suzuki Take Action Page.

How to Join Ignite Yoga Challenge

If you are a Practice with Clara member—you’re all set! The playlist is now LIVE in the apps for you to preview the month of classes.

If you’re not a community member, join us – sign up here:

Please read ALL the instructions before signing up.

     The coupon code WILL NOT work with any other membership option.**
  2. Use coupon code [ IGNITE2022 ] at checkout to receive free access for the 30-day challenge + the 7-day new member trial. Coupon code expires January 3rd, 2022.

Spread the love: share Ignite with your friends or anyone who you feel will benefit from a month of yoga to initiate the New Year!


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