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I Want To Share 3 New Spotify Playlists With You

Hello, fellow friends on the path,

This month I’m sharing passages about Tantra to inspire our practices and lives. 

I shared this quote in the live class last week that touches on how we can embrace joy and accept the here and the now: 

Wonder occurs when we succeed in tasting the nectar of the loving relationship that we develop with each thing or person or object that is before us at this very moment.” – Daniel Odier, Spandakarika. 

Tantra has helped me to realize that experiencing DIVINE MOMENTS can happen at ANY TIME. I don’t need to be doing yoga or seeking a “spiritual experience” in order to feel oneness. 

As we know, oneness is a state of mind. As Odier says so eloquently – we can taste the nectar by really taking in what’s in front of us – at this very moment. 

So you’re homework for today is to make a conscious effort to see – really see the divinity that is RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. AND AND AND to connect to the divinity within you – easy right? heh. 

To get you in the mood, I’m sharing a few music playlists. You can do yoga or just dance your way back into your body.

I invite you to make space to dance, stomp, sing, spin, skip, scream, whatever you need to do to express how you feel and honor your body and what it’s trying to tell you. These three music playlists correlate with classes on Practice with Clara if you prefer a dynamic vinyasa class over dance. 

3 Spotify playlists to get you groovin’: 

  1. Durga Flow | take the class
  2. Take Flight | take the class
  3. Dancing Shiva | take the class

I’ve also added a gentle Hatha class on my YouTube Channel: Yoga from Bed – Morning Stretch for anyone seeking a more subtle expression of intuitive movement if you’re not a member.

This week’s LIVE yoga class I invite you to embrace change and develop inner listening by testing your strength and balance as we progress toward handstand at the wall! 

Constantly Changing

Join me for a vinyasa practice against the wall working towards an L-shaped handstand. 

Please clear space by a wall and put the short edge of your mat against the wall before the class begins. You’ll be walking your feet up the wall, so make sure to take any frames down. 

The props you’ll need: 2 blocks.


Get Your Astrology Reading 

I’ve enjoyed working with a long-time practitioner, Simone Pinkhasova, to create 🪐 YOGA HOROSCOPE, where we highlight how to create balance through astrology and yoga. 

Each week, readers receive an astrology guide based on the current moon cycle. Your reading includes movement, mantra, & meditation classes from Practice with Clara that balance the energies featured in the atmosphere throughout the week.  

Visit the website and sign up to receive a reading every Monday morning!

Choose connection
Dance daily.

Love you,
Clara & the Team. 


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