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Join Me to Ignite the Fire Within with 30-Days of Yoga

Read about our past yoga challenge – Ignite the Fire Within.

Your opportunity to ignite your inner fire…

For centuries, we’ve honoured fire as a symbol of life, enlightenment, and renewal. Fire is the ultimate purifier, destroyer, and provoker of change. As we move through the darkness and cold of the winter months, we look to the light within to persevere. 
Ignite the Fire Within is the theme for January’s 30-Day Virtual Yoga Challenge. Embark on a journey and explore what lights you up, with yoga classes and content investigating the third chakra, Manipura, and all the ways we embody fire as a source of inspiration, perseverance, and purification. 
Stimulating the digestive fires is key to the body’s assimilation and maintaining gut health and how we feel. The belly communicates with our brain through nerves and hormones and contains the bacteria and immune cells that resist bacteria and viruses. When strong and balanced, the belly’s Agni helps digest the foods we eat and all life experiences.

“If we take care of our Agni, our inner fire, and take care of our gut health and digestion, we don’t have to worry about Ama, which is toxins. Toxins may be physical or mental; we come into all sorts of ama that affect how we feel. To stay in optimal health, we focus on the positive; on creating strong Agni.”- Ayurveda Therapist Maria Garre.

Ignite the Fire Within Yoga Challenge provides classes, meditations, pranayamas, and journaling prompts to connect you to the strength and wisdom of the fire within.

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The Practice with Clara Program of Yoga Classes

To be able to maintain fire, you must tend it wisely.
I’ve curated a mix of classes to give you days of rest or contemplation, along with days to build heat and strength.*
Day 1 – Vinyasa
Day 2 – Slow Flow
Day 3 – Hatha
Day 4 – Vinyasa
Day 5 – Restorative
Day 6 – Vinyasa
Day 7 – Meditation
*We invite you to listen to your body throughout the month. Remember that every pose/variation is an offering; you don’t have to do them. Rest when you need to. Before going deeper into a pose, ask yourself, does this serve where my body and mind are today?

See the month of yoga classes for Ignite 30-Day Yoga Challenge.


Durga Flow:

Durga is the warrior archetype of the Hindu pantheon. She acts without fear. This strong vinyasa practice asks us to step into our strength with courage. Expect a strong leg and core-centric class. 

Life as a Celebration:

May we become more present; may we choose to stay in the here and now. May we experience the poses in our body and our breath.

Slow Flow

Perfectly Free:

There are times when we need to create change consciously, and there are other times when we need to let things be. Wisdom is cultivated when we know which one to choose and which option feeds us here and now.

To Remember (30 mins) Slow Flow:

A slow flow yoga class that opens the quadriceps, hamstrings, and heart. Open practice with sun salutations and move through two waves from Shiva Rea’s Wave Theory before coming down to the ground.


We are Energy:

Treat the energy body through various yoga pranayama, circular movements for the joints, and breathwork from Chien Lung. The subtle body, also known as the energy body, lives below the skin where Prana flows. Prana is the life force, or energy according to Ayurveda, which we work with primarily through the breath. Boa’s Breath, White Leopard, Brahmari, and Bastrika Breath to strengthen your body’s Prana. 

Quick Hip Opener:

This quickie is geared towards opening up all sides of the hips while remaining on the back/seated. 


Heart Wide Open:

Some would describe the practice as a way of blossoming ourselves open or a way of cracking the armor we shield ourselves with. 

Temper the Fire:

A rhythmic and smooth vinyasa sequence that focuses on the water element to soothe Pitta’s fire.

Move through Sun Salutations, twists, lunges, dancing warriors, and hamstring lengthening as you build heat and release tension in the mind and body by focusing on deep breath that links to each movement. 


Open Pelvis:

A short yin yoga class to open the muscles along the front and back of the pelvis. This class targets the hip flexors, quadriceps, and hamstrings to relieve tension through longer-held postures and deep breaths. Open practice with a brief meditation. Three postures follow four simple stretches. Lizard pose, seated forward fold, and a supported bridge are held for 3-5 minutes. 

Sweet Surrender:

A yin yoga class featuring six poses opens the heart and upper back, brings ease to the morning or gently unwinds the day. Each pose is supported by props, allowing the body to relax and stretch the deep connective tissues between the muscles to provide better circulation and support to the joints.


Create a Strong Foundation:

Clear some space in your home studio for a class against a wall to strengthen and lengthen the leg muscles.

This practice focuses on resistance using the wall to open the hamstrings and lunges, warriors, and leg balancing against the wall to strengthen the core and leg muscles. This class is simple, focused, and intense—be prepared to build heat slowly! 

Dark and Stormy:

A Lila Flow yoga class opens the chest, shoulders, and hamstrings to create space in the muscles strained by sitting for long periods. The use of a strap opens the shoulders and front line of the body. 


Wisdom Center:

A slow flow vinyasa yoga class with twists, lunges, backbends, and a brief meditation; this class invites you to connect to your innate wisdom center, the belly-brain, or Hara in Japanese Medicine.

Ganesha Mantra:

Ganesha the remover of obstacles and the placer of obstacles on our path that we need to examine.

He is beloved in the yoga community. Yoga is about removing obstacles both seen and unseen so that we can connect to our inner wisdom/light.

Chanting to Ganesha is another kriya (purification) practice to clear our own paths.

10 Life-Enriching Reasons to Join a Virtual Yoga Challenge 

  1. Create a ritual to anchor the day.
  2. Initiate a productive habit to enrich your lifestyle.
  3. Build strength and enhance flexibility.
  4. Cultivate discipline.
  5. Witness the results of your effort.
  6. Refine and harness your focus. 
  7. Hold each other accountable. 
  8. Release destructive habits.
  9. Celebrate your heart.
  10. Connect to a community of like-minded practitioners. 

Read the full blog post with 30 life-enriching reasons to join us on Ignite Virtual Yoga Challenge on January 1st, 2022! 


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