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Join Me to Ignite the Fire Within

My love letter to the winter solstice:

You remind me of the importance of light,
More importantly, you remind me of all the work that goes unseen,
Within this domain of skin, bones and blood.
I have been excavating my secrets,
I have been hauling out old fears and patterns
Bringing them up to the light,
The light of my awareness,
warming them,
Inviting them to share their story.
I have learned to love them
To love you
To accept you
Again, and again
And again.
Each year, as the darkness returns,
I go back inside to excavate and remember
Remember those parts of me that live in the shadows
They try not to draw attention from others but instead try to lure me to them.
For in the darkness, I am easily lost.
When I find them,
I draw them close,
Kiss them,
Hold their hands
And beckon them to the light.
May we walk together….

Hello, fellow friends on the path, 

As we enter the final days of this year, I’ve been reflecting on ALL that has happened this year. It has been a practice in surrender as I let go of all that I thought I knew on a personal level AND been observing all the uncertainty of the changing global landscape. 

To honor my own practice and theme of the year, this week’s class, Hip Yinwill give you the opportunity to rest and surrender in each pose. 

Part of the magic of the short days, long nights is to encourage us to reflect on the lessons of the year. I hope you’re able to slow down and take time for yourself. I also hope you’re able to be with loved ones (virtually or physically) over the next few days.

New class

Hip Yin (80-mins)

A hip-focused yin class that takes you deep into the pelvis, groins, and legs. This class features pigeon pose, lizard pose, pyramid pose. and frog pose. Surrender to the deep quiet of your breath as you hold each posture. 

Hip Yin

Moving together and receiving nourishment from the community is our intention with the 30 day Challenges.

Join us for the next event starting January 1st, 2021. 

Ignite the Fire Within

For all our members, you don’t need to do anything. The 30 Day challenge playlist will be LIVE on December 30th on the apps.

For those who are new to Practice With Clara, you can join us for FREE using  the coupon code


This will give you access for the full 30 days!!

This challenge includes weekly LIVE yoga classes!

We’re launching a live-series of classes every Saturday to release the class-of-the-week with Clara guiding us through a vinyasa yoga sequence.

The virtual yoga challenges were born out of a desire to create an online community and cultivate positive and productive habits. 

When we take care of ourselves, we feel good. When we feel good, we tend to act with more consideration and compassion in our communities.

Last month, we sent out a survey and received hundreds of responses. One of the biggest feedback we received is to provide more ways to stay motivated, inspired, and held accountable for your yoga practice

Based on your requests, we’ve created three ways for you to stay motivated, connect and be inspired with each other. Choose the one that works best for you

  1. In the PWC App:  type ∾ YES ∾ in the comments after you finish the class to share that you’ve done your yoga.
  2. In the PWC FB Group: We will post the class daily, you can type ∾ YES ∾ in the comments to share that you’ve done your yoga.
  3. Daily notifications via the App – We will be sending a daily notification through the PWC app – you can opt-in through the app settings and you can also opt out if you’d prefer to not receive it.

We’ve also created a calendar and a PDF of the journaling questions to keep you inspired through the 30-day challenge which you can download here below or through the event page.


Download the Journaling Booklet.

Download the Calendar.


The commitment to a daily practice represents your promise to create healthy habits as you get stronger in mind, body, and spirit. 

If you have any questions or any suggestions on how we could support you through this journey please ensure to let us know either on the FB Group or by emailing us at [email protected]

If you’re not entirely convinced as to why a virtual yoga challenge is for you, here are 30 life-enriching reasons to dedicate yourself to a month of practice. 

10 Life-Enriching Reasons to Join a Virtual Yoga Challenge 

    1. Create a ritual to anchor the day. 
    2. Initiate a productive habit to enrich your lifestyle.
    3. Build strength and enhance flexibility. 
    4. Cultivate discipline.
    5. Witness the results of your effort.
    6. Refine and harness your focus. 
    7. Hold each other accountable. 
    8. Release destructive habits.
    9. Celebrate your heart.
    10. Connect to a community of like-minded practitioners. 

🙌🏼 Read the full post with 30 life-enriching reasons to join us on this journey. 

Sending love and a virtual hug, 💜
Clara & the Team.  

PS, one of the greatest gifts you can give is the gift of yoga.👇🏼