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Kali Mythology and Core & Restore Yoga

Where should such a goddess turn?
Kali, mistress of the temporal worlds
Wants bliss defined in human terms.

Staid Ganesha knows this wildness
Must be curbed, Shiva, peripatetic
Agrees, and across the wilderness

Both gift Kali a companion eagle, hurt
By no arrow, fed on nothing, it returns
Each night to its eyrie in her heart.

– Rukmini Bhaya Nair, Kali –

Hello, fellow friends on the path,

This month, I’ve themed all the LIVE classes around a god or goddess of the Hindu Pantheon. Each week, the class will include a 15-minute storytelling session around the selected deity and a 45-min vinyasa session to follow. However, the last class of the month, February 27th, I’ll be offering a 2-hour practice!! 

PS- that doesn’t mean we’ll be doing asana for 2 hours, but instead, we’ll do mantra, meditation, and asana!!! You can see this month’s class line up here.

The gods and goddesses represent archetypes that live within; in Awakening Shakti, Sally Kempton explores how the goddesses are experienced in four ways:

  1. As energies that reveal themselves in the natural elements of human culture,
  2. As distinct divine personalities,
  3. As aspects of our own unique personality and essence,
  4. As the awakened Kundalini Shakti. 

Today, we’ll be exploring one of my favorite goddesses, Kali, the Goddess of Revolution.  Be prepared for a fiery practice! 

Today is the raffle for the 30-Day Challenge! Please join me for the LIVE raffle after class today if you took part in the challenge. If you cannot make the class, we’ll start the raffle a little after 12pm, if you’d like to watch. 

It’s been so wonderful to see so many of you in the Facebook Group supporting the dialogue. One of the things I enjoy about the class-of-the-day and the 30-day challenges is how people share pictures of their home studios and the pets/kids who join!  It’s great to see that your practices are a family affair. 

If you aren’t able to make the class, we’ll post the on-demand replay in the New Release playlist 24-hours after the class has gone live. 

Here’s the info on today’s class:

The Fire of Kali 

Join me for a 60-minute class inspired by the Hindu goddess of destruction, Kali. I’ll start the class with a myth about Kali. We’ll open the physical practice with some fiery breathwork/pranayama and then dive into a 45-minute vinyasa practice moving working up to the twist, bound standing hand to foot pose, Baddha Parivrtta Hasta Padangusthasana.


Restore with Yoga & Meditation Classes On the Go 

Sneaking in a yoga class may be a tad trickier than pre-COVID, considering how work and entertainment may be managed from the household.

For those of you with kiddos at home, or if you’re squeezing in Zoom calls and revving up for your midday coffee, Practice with Clara has collections of short and focused yoga classes that you can complete in 30-minutes or less! 

These classes are for you if:

☔️  You can’t play outside due to inclement weather.
⏰  You only have your lunch hour to exercise.
🍸  Your kids are home and you need something to take the edge off.
🤟🏼  You want to shake out the stress after a long day, in a short period of time.
💤  You crave a cozy and quick evening routine to unwind. 
🏆  You’re tired but want to stay committed to your health!

Check out our favorite quickie classes below to see how you might reset with a short yoga, pranayama, or meditation class. 

Build Strength and Break a Sweat

Powerful classes to help you get stronger that target the core muscles. 

core flow vinyasa
shakti flow vinyasa

Release Tension and Create Space

Fluid and dynamic classes from Prana Flow that get you moving and grooving.

Connect to Inner Quiet and Restore

Restorative yoga, pranayama, mantra, and meditation to help you ground.

morning yoga
Taking a moment to bring lightness into the body and mind through movement and breath may provide the clarity necessary to focus on the activities you need to get done in a day. 

If you have even less time, try the Quick Fix Yoga Classes; this collection has < 20-min yoga, mantra, and meditation courses. 

I hope you can create a little space for yourself this week, whether it’s practicing yoga or another activity that brings you joy. 

Sending love and a virtual hug, 
Clara & the Team.