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Keep the Momentum Going 🧞‍♂️ Dancing Shiva

The soul reveals itself to itself
Through gesture, 
Energy-infused undulations and gestures
Of hand, foot, spine, face, and form. 
The invisible loves the visible. 

– The Radiance Sutras –

Hello, fellow friends on the path, 

We are almost midway through the 30-Day Virtual Yoga Challenge! It’s been wonderful connecting with you on the FB Group and  PWC App. Your support and motivation is inspiring—it reminds me of the yoga studio’s camaraderie. ☺️

One of my intentions for the challenge was to have a LIVE class each week so that we could come together across space/borders to practice at the same time.  
It was awesome to practice with over 130 of you on Friday January 1st. 🙌🏼

I’ll be doing it every Saturday this month at 11am PST on the Practice With Clara app.

Join me TODAY for a live vinyasa class at 11am PST,
for a back bending class working towards
👇🏼Dancing Shiva👇🏼

After the class, I’ll be staying on to answer any questions you have about the class and reading any feedback you want to share. 

You can ask me anything in the LIVE Chat Box on the class page.

If you aren’t able to make the class, we’ll be posting the recording in the New Release playlist 24-hours after the class has gone live. 

Here’s the info on today’s class:

Join me for a 60-minute vinyasa practice working towards Dancing Shiva. We’ll focus on backbends with front body opening and back body strengthening as we build to the peak pose.

Props needed: 2 blocks and 1 strap.

for today’s class

For those of you participating in the challenge, I invite you to check in with how your body is feeling each day and practice accordingly. To complete the day of the challenge, all I ask is that you make it to your mat. This could mean you do a different yoga class, or rest in shavasana the whole class. Some participants look at the week’s class playlist and decide to mix up which classes they practice that week depending upon time constraints and energy levels. 

Sometimes my practice is focused, insightful, and inspiring. Other days, I just get a few moments of peace from the monkey mind. And sometimes, it’s just an opportunity to observe how uncomfortable I can be in stillness. 

So I invite you to make the practice your own. Honor how you feel and commit to 30-days of exploring your inner light and commitment to wellness. 🌿 

We LOVE seeing your comments in the Facebook Group! 

It’s never too late to join us on the challenge; sign-up for FREE with the coupon code until January 15th!:


Ignite the Fire Within is our third virtual yoga challenge.

We hosted the inaugural 30-day challenge in June 2020 to reconnect with the community during the pandemic.

For our second challenge, Feed Your Whole Self, we focused on all the ways we nourish our bodies, minds, and spirits. 

Read the evolution of the 30-day challenges to feel how we co-create the space and set the intention with our partners and community members. 


Sending love and a virtual hug, 💜
Clara & the Team.  

PS, one of the greatest gifts you can give is the gift of yoga.👇🏼
Send a yoga gift card to a friend OR invite them to the 30-day challenge! It’s never too late to join us.