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Leaning Into It


This week has been full of pee and poo; most of it hasn’t been mine. It has been a FULL on mother week. Daylight savings (why haven’t we gotten rid of this yet?), hippy sleeping diapers that leak, laundry, laundry, cooking, and getting a cat – who seems to have gotten a UTI this week.

What the hay?

I also got to see my acupuncturist. She listened to me vent about all the things and how they were affecting me. She treated me, and reminded me that I have all the tools for this. Yes, yes, I do. BUT I DON’T WANT to be spending my days like this. I want to daydream and think about different ways I can thread themes into my life, into my teaching about the BIG questions. I want to lie in bed and read for hours, sipping something delicious and warm. I don’t want to be cleaning up after a toddler or a cat and have to figure out what we’re having for dinner. Boo.



Lean into the tedious work Clara. Stop resisting it and get present for the task at hand. This is a moment in my life when I get to be a true householder – dedicating my time and energy to things outside my inner and outer work.

In India, it is thought there are two kinds of spiritual practitioners: those that dedicate their lives to their practice (sadhus) and those that participate in the world and take time when they can to do their practice (householders).

I have been fortunate to walk both paths but I have never been this deep into the householder’s duties; it’s exhausting and not very stimulating.

And I know this time will pass. I know another time will come when I can dedicate more time to my practice and craft. Just gotta keep leaning into it…until it moves.

How’s your week been?

What are you resisting?

What are you leaning into?

Hit me up and tell me all the things –



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