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Let’s Get Bored


I sat down at 6am yesterday with many ideas of what I wanted to teach the morning intensive crew. I took a couple of deep breaths, as I do at the beginning of every class – to ground, to see what appears when the dust settles.

Yesterday morning at 6:03am, nothing landed. Nothing showed up. When nothing shows up or I can’t pinpoint exactly what I want to say or share, I don’t say anything.

So we sat for 20 minutes. I think I may have given one cue: we were just going to observe our breath and thoughts and went silent again.
The theme that showed up was the no-theme theme. Don’t say much. Let the breath and the shapes do their magic. Let there be minimal distraction. Let’s get bored.

I leave you with Trungpa’s thoughts on boredom – 

“…boredom is important in meditation practice; it increases the psychological sophistication of the practitioners. They begin to appreciate boredom and they develop their sophistication until boredom begins to become cool boredom, like a mountain river. It flows and flows and flows, methodically and repetitiously, but it is very cooling, very refreshing. Mountains never get tired of being mountains and waterfalls never get tired of being waterfalls. Because of their patience, we begin to appreciate them.” – Chogyam Trungpa, Myth of Freedom.

Once we get to the place of boredom, everything else has fallen away. Nothing is distracting us. We are experiencing this – just this. 

May we never tire of being –
May being continue to refresh and cool us.

Peas and carrots,


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